Regarding Deepthought´s mind-reading Satellite.

I brought up the subject of Deepthought deleting comments on Newsvine right at the outset when exchanging messages with Symore Thanu. I asked why all TI comments related to the technology were deleted, but the fact is that he´s defended Deepthought as if he were some kind of God throughout this whole saga. They were off topic he claimed. Deepthought held a technical discussion on the Newsvine forum, which is why he deleted so many comments for being irrelevant. Some may have been off topic, but certainly not all. How were they all off topic when some directly relate to the capabilities of the satellite? I went over the forum content again on the relevant Deepthought sites, and these were no more off topic than that discussed by some others. The implications of mind control were readily discussed in a different setting, ie., that of mind controlling the enemy. And these were not deleted. What then is the difference? Whether mind controlling in a military environment or in a civilian environment, there is in principle no difference since the context in both cases is the same, as regards the technology being dealt with. The main difference is the fact that one is legal and the other most certainly is not. It just struck me as odd that he should make such a clear-cut distinction between the two. He readily discusses one, and promptly deletes comments related to the other, on what is effectively the same topic. He could even have politely stated he wasn’t willing to discuss the implications for civilians. But that might have affected future strategies outlined below. If he hadn’t deleted them, they would obviously have remained visible on the webpage. So taking Deepthought´s overall attitude to targeted individuals into account, I sent him a final message at the time suggesting he must be either a perp or an agent. Predictably, it got deleted without a reply.

Symore Thanu-Deepthought

Next, Symore Thanu provided several other links to related sites on Peacepink which were all without exception related to Newsvine and Deepthought´s revelations, but no others. I began to get suspicious and went over some of Deepthought´s webpages meticulously. I noticed something really strange. Deepthought and Symore Thanu make a couple of basic errors in their texts, which are common to both. I noticed that they sometimes both confuse two simple grammar items in their texts. Granted that many others are guilty of the same errors. But here are supposedly two extremely well-educated and intelligent individuals, who one would expect not to make such basic errors. And when they both make the same two basic errors, one has to think there is something really strange going on. I studied discourse analysis long enough to be able to spot any significance there might be in such occurrences which crop up in a written text. There were remarkable similarities in their writing styles as well, which drew my attention. Another point which captured my attention is that Deepthought made a comment months ago on his own site stating that 90% of TIs were illegitimate being just mentally ill, etc. Symore Thanu makes the same claim on Peacepink, but when I searched for Deepthought´s original comment on the same thread on Newsvine again recently on his webpage, I noted that it had been deleted. I WAS THEN CONVINCED THEY WERE ONE AND THE SAME PERSON.

Symore Thanu also made a faux pas in his first reply to me by writing ¨……TIs as you like to call them¨, so I responded by stating ¨I call US TIs and not THEM¨ with the implication being, are you not a TI then? He avoided all reference to the point in his next reply. How could he become a member of a network for targeted individuals and not state at the outset that he himself is NOT a target? As it happens, he has since admitted he is not a Targeted Individual, but I had to prompt him by asking him directly. His response was:

¨¨I'm not a TI. I'm just following DeepThought's work and that of some others. I think I have a solid enough grasp of the principles to attempt to determine how wide-spread this actually is. As I said, 90% is pure bullshit, but it should be easy to spot the distinctly artificial amongst the outpouring of emotion. The only way to fake that material, is to have inside knowledge, which acts as a good marker for people to track down when this comes to a head¨¨.

His mission is to determine how widespread the problem is. So why is that necessary if he already knows that 90% is bullshit? Then he refers to, ¨¨::::::Deepthought´s work and that of some others¨¨. Which others? He never mentioned the names of any others, nor did he provide a single link to any other sites. Yet he´s supplied no end of links to Deepthought sites. That´s because he is Deepthought. Deepthought alias Symore Thanu has come out with some truly controversial points and some extraordinary sweeping statements in his messages recently. He shared the following with members of Peacepink and visitors alike.

(1) He claims that the only form of covert harassment which takes place relates to government experiments carried out by way of this magical satellite, which can presumably read an individual´s thoughts from an incalculable distance, coupled with artificial intelligence and synthetic telepathy. But he can provide no reliable reference material and no documentation. Or does it perhaps relate to top-secret information that has just been declassified on Newsvine? Allegedly, DEWs are not a part of the harassment agenda either. No surprises there. His main objective on Peacepink is not to assess TIs, but to convince us that DEWs are not being used on civilians. But that is a load of utter crap. Think about it. There exists the simple microwave, and then there exists the super weapon which was used in Iraq, which I’m sure you’ve seen on video. What about the space in between? The basic microwave has been in use for about half a century if not more. So reaching the stage of developing that super weapon deployed in Iraq must have required quite a lot of experimentation over the various ranges. And then there are other DEW weapons which must have been developed in between. Obviously, there are other levels of microwaves out there, and these will not just be simple ones that are restricted to use in a laboratory setting. Yes, there are other forms of directed energy, but I suspect that sophisticated microwave weapons are in existence that we know nothing about. I refer to a lower range than the beasts used in Iraq obviously. Alone Symore Thanu´s attitude to them gives much away.

(2) He claims that gang stalking does not exist because no staff is required on the ground, with the kind of thought reading technology he outlined. I explained in my last message how he contradicted himself claiming stalkers were made redundant by the technology, but yet later claimed stalking only ever existed in the minds of even genuine TIs.

The Home Office document I presented actually showed there were over 2 million in the UK in the year 2000, although they are all categorised as just stalking and not subdivided. Hence, the figures are blurred as they stand. However, the Home Office would never break the statistics down to subdivide stalking groups, and thus highlight organized staking. Symore Thanu alias Deepthought knows that, but as we have seen, he´ll use any argument at all in his bizarre repertoire, irrespective of whether it´s valid or not. He just keeps repeating there was no breakdown of the figures, so no reference was made of organized stalking. Neither is there any reference to O. S. in the press or on TV for the same reasons. The connection is obvious.

(3) He claims that Deepthought is untouchable, in response to my claim that nobody would be allowed to discuss freely, information on the latest satellite technology which would still have to be classified. My claim is that governments may turn a blind eye, as they on occasions appear to do, if taking legal action could backfire on them. However, stating that any individual is over and above the law is absolute rubbish. Then when asked how he can possibly have knowledge of the latest technology available to intelligence agencies, he implied that physics limits further progress and Deepthought must have already exhausted all possibility of further advances, or words to that effect.

(4) He claims that 90% of the countless websites related to gang stalking and electronic harassment on the Internet are bogus sites planted there by NATO and related agencies. Moreover, with respect to governments, he forecasts widespread prosecutions are imminent and serious jail time will be handed down on both sides of the Atlantic, for experimenting on innocent citizens illegally with satellites and artificial intelligence. According to him, it´s going to get really messy, really quick. It could be something on the level of The Nuremberg Trials.

(5) He claims that the objective in all this is to create a subculture of nutters.

(6) He claims that whistleblowers are unreliable as regards relevant information, and must indeed be part of the conspiracy. This of course includes Julianne Mckinney, although the idea came as an afterthought, judging by the timing of his comments.

(7) He has made it abundantly clear in more than one message that corporates aren’t involved. The mainstream media on both sides of the Atlantic are owned by just a few corporates, so who is he kidding? They play a part too.


(8) One of his tactics is a psychological ploy whereby he continually overuses vocabulary such as mental illness, psychosis, schizophrenia, delusion, connecting unrelated events and ¨¨everyone being in on it¨. As can be seen by his comments, he introduces this vocabulary into his text even when it´s completely off topic and out of context. I present logical arguments to counter his illogical claims, but he throws in the aforementioned expressions repeatedly to distract from the real point and brainwash readers into thinking the whole issue surrounds mental instability. That, after all, is the official propaganda line in any case. If he eventually manages to scatter this terminology across the whole forum, it´ll effectively work as a form of suggestive persuasion, similar to that used in advertising and related mind control. Whilst one has to agree that the various terms referred to concerning mental instability are relevant to a degree, why does he constantly overuse them to completely obscure the real issue?

He admits that TIs exist but would have preferred to come on this site and state that they didn’t. He had to make a concession of course and that´s why he settled for a figure as low as 10%. He also plumped for 10% as regards the percentage of reliable websites. The remaining 90% are allegedly bogus sites put up by NATO and other agencies. So 10% of TIs have 10% of reliable website information to share. Rather a neat little package to put on the table at Peacepink, don’t you think? That wouldn´t have been enough though. He had to offer more concessions because he had to explain how the 10% of genuine TIs actually get targeted. So then we had this magical thought-reading satellite, but which is a relatively gentle technology compared to that suggested in books like Satellite Terrorism in America. There are also body assaults, including sexual assaults to account for, but those are apparently inflicted by artificial intelligence. Moreover, anytime he gets cornered, he explains the problem away by referring to artificial intelligence which helps him weave his way out again. That´s an ongoing ploy. So gang stalking and the use of DEWs are the main things that he has to erase from our minds, and he´s worked hard at it. The overall ploy is called Limited Hangout. I posted a blog on this site recently explaining how it works but nobody seemed interested. It´s spy jargon, and it means the release of previously hidden information in order to prevent a greater exposure of more important details by distracting the public. The public is usually so intrigued by the new information that it never thinks to pursue the real issue further. That´s the principle behind it. Here´s the link again.

Some of his Most Remarkable Claims:


¨¨There are no "gang stalking victims". The system he describes can introduce psychosis which results in unconnected events being related in a person's mind. From the mindset of a victim, it may look like everyone, or a selection of people, are "in on it", but it is merely random coincidence. You do not need any staff on the ground when you have access to the information from their brain and the capability to create a psychosis. Such activity is made redundant by the system¨¨.

¨¨Thus, the technology itself make real gang stalking a bit pointless. Not to mention the resources and exposure factors, especially since SIGINT staff are analysts not field operatives¨¨.


What then has happened to those millions of foot soldiers who have suddenly become redundant?

¨¨There was never any, its a well known symptom of paranoid persecution, even with real TI's. Its a symptom of an illness, not a real event.¨¨

Oops! But which activity has become redundant then, if there were never any stalkers? I´d say it is he who suffers from mental illness.

On Julianne McKinney


¨¨One thing that stood out was the rotation. In her mind, she had assumed that the DEW was like a laser and had to be locked on to specific regions. That's very interesting. At a technical level, it does not work that way, but it is a psychological trick employed by the A.I. As the A.I. can stimulate pressure in real-time, it has a sequence that will give the impression of a "targeting system" by slowly moving, or turning off and on, a sense of pressure. What its really doing is humiliating you and finding it funny. Whilst you are busy rotating, attempting to discern a direction or delay, you are at the same time spinning around like an idiot. It also feeds into creating a malleable psyche, that is they are leading your behavior or "suggesting" your actions¨¨.


As regards losing the microwave signal on turning around, I find it more than strange that the former US military intelligence agent and the activist both made the same observation, even although there is no connection between them.

¨¨It depends on what they have been reading, or heard¨¨.

Oops again! Which is it to be then? A. I. or disinformation?

More on Julianne McKinney (Before he claimed whistleblowers spread disinformation)

His comments:

¨¨I listened to her talk and the technology descriptions are bogus. It seems like she is basing things she has heard. Why install cameras when you can see what the target sees? There is an argument that influencing a portion of the population is quite possible. Whilst most likely not the current mission statement, these things follow the winds of politics.

Ignoring the technical information and the mildly paranoid, grandiose, thoughts, I'd say there is something there. There is certain information that rings true¨¨.


¨¨It looks like she has incorporated interim conclusions of how the technology functions into her worldview. If you read what I said earlier, about getting a person suggestible by leading their behavior, this is the mechanism by which information is fed into the worldview. She felt the motion, assumed the needed to "lock on", took some basic facts on how a "lock on" could occur and weaved together a history¨¨.

¨¨She could be genuine, or she has accidentally hypnotized herself whilst in a mildly psychotic or sleep deprived state¨¨.

(Following later claims whistleblowers spread disinformation

His comments:

¨¨Even a single case of a TI would cause major embarrassment, not to mention a wide range of legal problems. It is therefore imperative to have control over the flow of information. If you examine the sources of information, you will see that the primary sources for the technology are former defense personnel. Given they are bound by national security laws, do you not think it is strange that they can make publications and radio broadcasts?
How about now that you know that the majority of technical descriptions are bogus?¨¨

¨¨These people would not be "whistleblowers", they would be defined as criminals bordering on being a traitor. Of course their statements are bullshit, or they'd be in jail. In the defense world, it is impossible to keep a secret, so they borrowed a tactic from the Soviet GRU which is to surround the real information with bullshit. The GRU had an entire department dedicated to it as does the NSA¨¨.

¨¨So, if anyone describes themselves as a "former defense employee or contractor of the US DoD" and they are "whistleblowing" about a particular classified technology, they are either stooges or never had security clearance to anything of importance¨¨.

Oops! That was a rather late call suggesting that whistelblowers are also in on it. It now seems everyone is in on it. I´d like to know which websites constitute the 10% genuine ones. He never did give us a clue on that one.

Words of self praise for the uber-genius and untouchable Deepthought

¨¨The technology described is too detailed, too multi-discipline for a single person to invent and describe. What is more likely, that DeepThought is an uber-genius, outstripping specialists worldwide, or he has direct knowledge of the technology?¨¨

¨¨Articles such as those published by DeepThought would be really problematic as they outline something that can be tested, everything else is debatable.¨¨

¨¨They're bothered alright. I'm sure every main intelligence agency worth its salt has been to DeepThought's page. They're obviously not in a position to do much about it. What's done is done, they would only confirm it and then risk DeepThought explaining to everyone what is being done with the tech and having the credibility of his arrest/detainment.¨¨

¨¨That would open a can of worms and possibly lead to mass arrests of intelligence staff and technicians, even politicians. It would certainly cost jobs, extensive lawsuits, damage credibility and shake the very foundations of major intelligence organizations. It would be like the Nazi's and the Nuremberg trials¨¨.


¨¨I'm just wondering if some of our DEW victims are getting hit by reflected radar signals accidentally.¨¨

Anyway, whatever the case, it still wouldn´t account for the body assaults, speaking for myself. There may be a minority of people who live close to aerodromes or docks who are vulnerable, but I would imagine that to be relatively few. I most certainly don’t fall into such a category.

¨¨I'm sure that in some cases, an undiagnosed source of pain could be correlated to random effects of radar and woven into a worldview. Also, you do not need to live near a radar, just that the emissions can be focused on your location in some manner that is physically possible¨¨.

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