Those who wear smart watches and fit bits are having their thoughts and emotions externally controlled. Remove your smart watches and fit bits and instead wear magnetic bracelets and this act alone will protect your from brain weapon research to an extent. Purchase magnetic bracelets for family members as gifts instead of smart watches and fitbits and other advanced digital technology.
If you place a strong magnet close to your credit card, the magnet will delete the programming which has been programmed into the credit card and you will then no longer be able to use it.
We now have injectable and programmable technology injected into our bodies which has been able to pass through the blood brain barrier due to it being nano sized. This has been proven over and over again my many and varied independent research scientists, one of who is Professor Pablo Campra of the University of Almeria in Spain. Professor Campra has published an official legal scientific document on the matter which can be found at Professor James Giordano of Georgetown university medical centre has verified the fact that the U.S. military and others can wirelessly and remotely access our brains and bodies and can also manipulate our brains and bodies both physically and mentally. Here is an online link to the profile of Professor James Giordano.
The injectable and programmable technology self-replicates and self-assembles inside us and it creates an artificial neural network inside our brains and also an artificial network inside our bodies. We can then be physically remote controlled similar to mechanical robots. We can also be mentally subjugated by means of the artificial neural netowrk inside our brains. We can be programmed to verbally resist any and all information about this topic herein. The police, military and psychiatrists throughout most of the world have been manipulated to resist any and all knowledge of brain weapons capabilities. Many targeted individuals have attempted to inform them of their remotely generated wireless torture and they have been continually disbelieved and instead threatened with psychiatric intervention to the extent that the victims of wireless electronic torture are now afraid to approach the police with information of their ongoing wireless torture.
Wear magnetic bracelets on both wrists and both ankles. The magnetic bracelets will generate a slight magnetic field which can be measured on a magnetic field meter. When your blood is travelling in your arteries and veins directly under the magnetic bracelets the magnetic fields which they generate will damage the ability of criminals to program the programmable nano technology which is travelling in your blood stream. Remove the magnetic bracelets whenever you are using a computer or other type of digital media device because if you don't remove them the magnetic fields being generated by the bracelets will break the technology inside the digital media devices. If your job involves using a computer throughout each day please continue to wear the magnetic bracelets around both your ankles.
Zeolite and bentonite clay have magnetic properties. Drink a half a spoon ful of zeolite or bentonite clay every day. The magnetic properties of those clay's will damage the programmable nano technology which is inside us and render it useless. These clays will also remove the nano technology from your body. Never use a metal spoon when using zeolite or bentonite clay because the metal spoon will destroy the magnetic properties of the zeolite and the bentonite clay. Always use a plastic spoon instead.
This solution is not instant. It might take several months of both wearing the magnetic bracelets and drinking the zeolite or bentonite clay before you will notice a decrease in wirelessly generated electronic harassment and torture. Please put magnetic bracelets on your children because they are also vulnerable to electronic attacks by wireless means. Please choose copper magnetic bracelets because the copper may also have protective properties. Please research the properties of copper before you make that decision.
A magnetic field being generated by magnets kept close to your body will also block or mitigate frequencies which come from digital technology around us and which can harm us. Do not wear magnetic bracelets on your wrists. when using your credit or debit card in case you damage it. Wear them on your ankles on a full time basis. One targeted individual reported that she continually wore a strong neodymium magnet on an elastic bandage on her leg for several months with the result that all electronic harassment eventually stopped for her.
I am not a magnet or electronic expert but I am a targeted individual for many years and because of that I am aware of the current capabilities of wireless remotely generated electronic harassment and torture, which many men and women are still in denial about.
If psychiatrists and others falsely accuse victims of wireless electronic torture of being mentally ill, thereby helping Illuminati Satanists to electronically enslave most of the men and women of the world, then those psychiatrists may possibly receive prison sentences for doing so.

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