We all have a unique neurological broadcast frequency and if criminals have access to your unique neurological broadcast frequency they can access your brain and body by wireless means and they can torture you my this means.
The satellite broadcast system for mind control neural monitoring is integrated with an interface online and some people can gain access to that. If you can gain access to that you can take control and possession of your own unique neurological broadcast frequency which is also known as your neural monitoring. You can then put all of your privacy and security protocols in order in order to protect yourself from remote neural monitoring invasion. It is not on public web. It is on private internet and people will try to block you from accessing your own neural monitoring. If you get on private internet you can then control your own neural monitoring which is also known as your neurological broadcast social media account because you are the owner of it. It is yours to own and control. For someone else to own and possess that is slavery and human trafficing. The gang stalkers who electronically harass and psychologically torture me have possession and control over their own neural monitoring and they can access mine against my will and without my permission for the purposes of remote electronic harassment and psychological torture and forceably moving the muscles of my face against my will. They can send me pain and electric shock and they have done so to such an extent that they made my scream on numerous occasions and cry on a few occasions. They send energy into my nether regions which I experience as sexual invasion and humiliation and they transmit their voices to me at the same time in a scornful and ridiculing way. They have been doing this and much more for nineteen and a half years, day and night, without a single break. I have attempted two serious suicide attempts because of their ongoing attacks. I am partially enslaved by this system. When I reported the matter the Gardai did not believe me because I could not prove it. I recently found information about how it is being achieved by listening to a fellow targeted individual named Kevin Christian who can be found at the following online link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KwE-DPrLvS0
My name is Gretta Fahey aka Margaret Mary Fahey and my postal address is Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland and my landline home phone number is 094 9360901.

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