Advances in technology have allowed any and all individuals who frequent the dark web to interact with the world virtually while living outside their own bodies. This capability is effecting worldwide politics and you, as a community leader, have a duty to inform yourself about this capability. There are houses springing up around the world which are known as broadcast houses which contain equipment which allow individuals to live in this virtual world. They visit the broadcast house where they are given a broadcast suit to wear. They then sit under what looks like a salon hair dryer and this allows them to broadcast out. They then broadcast a hologram of themselves which is made of electromagnetic frequencies and they use this hologram of themselves to give themselves a virtual reality out of body experience. They see, hear and feel from the point of view of the hologram and not from the point of view of their own bodies which are lying in a catatonic state in the broadcast house. These individuals can stand beside you as a hologram broadcast. They can walk around your house as a hologram broadcast and they can even attack certain individuals as a hologram broadcast. Their real bodies are lying in a catatonic state in the broadcast house while the are having a technology induced out of body experience as a hologram broadcast.

Neurological control is first of all gained over the central nervous systems of targeted individuals. If and when this has been achieved, the out of body experiencer can then totally take over the body of a targeted individual to the extent that they can then speak through the targeted individual as well as use the brain and body of the targeted individual to walk around and to act in various ways. Visiting broadcast houses and living virtual lives has proven so addictive that many individuals now spend their whole lives living out of body virtual lives while their own bodies are in a catatonic state in the broadcast house. They finance this lifestyle by using the virtual reality out of body experiences to commit acts of evil which they get paid for.

A differential in knowledge leads to a differential in power. There are two levels of knowledge in the world today. What is being presented by the main stream media as ground breaking new scientific discoveries are nothing but century old information. Very advanced technology is in the hands of the individuals who live outside and who control the worldwide hierarchical based chain of command. They have been spying on you and I for the past century from the virtual world. You are now living inside a false reality construct which has no bearing on reality. If you wish to survive in the future you will inform yourself of real reality. You can download an app for your phone which will inform you of electromagnetic frequency anomalies in your surroundings. Please investigate this urgently. You will find excellent information in the youtube video channels of Jay Metro 788, targeted individual and sherry’s research and review,

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