The Capabilities of Messenger RNA.

Every cell in the human body contains DNA, Messenger RNA and Protein among many other components.

The DNA stores instructions for what that cell is to actually do.
The Messenger RNA transfers these instructions from the DNA to the Protein inside the cell so that the Protein then performs the functions required by that particular living cell.
Messenger RNA is an operating system.
Criminal neuro operatives with a very basic knowledge of neuro science and technology are introducing lines of code which changes the instructions going from the DNA to the Protein which is inside human cells. A whole range of complex behaviours are now being programmed to be carried out inside human cells. You could even be programmed to grow horns and a tail. This can all be achieved wirelessly on unwilling men and women who have been injected with nano technology. It is being carried out on individuals in the Republic of Ireland among many other countries.   The Gardai have not been trained in this area of crime so they wrongly assume the victim is mentally ill whenever it is reported to them.  Someone should explain it to them. 
I obtained some of the above information from the following online link.

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