During the 1960's and 1970's the children of the United States were educated to be confident and capable, far more so than the children of Europe. The children of Europe were educated by authoritarian teaching methods. The use of corporal punishment in the classrooms of Europe was encouraged by the Vatican. The result was that the children of Europe, especially the children of the Republic of Ireland which was a very catholic country back then grew up to be unquestioningly and subserviently obedient to the authority of church and state and were afraid to challenge anyone in authority ever. The children of the United States grew up to have excellent initiative and confidence because they were largely outside the evil influence of the Vatican which was at that time and still is under satanic control.
The Vatican and its controllers wished to demolalize the American people and to dumb them down in order to eventually take them over and place them under subjugation.
They placed Ingredients which deliberately generate obesity into some food products in the United States in order to make some of the people of the United States very obese for the purposes of demolalization. They changed the United States school curricula in order to train American children to be compliant and obedient. The children of the United States are now encouraged to use blind faith in information which comes from the main stream media and organised religions rather than to use reason and logic. The Vatican and its satanic controllers used technologically induced mind control and other methods to make American male heroes such as Bruce Jenner believe that they can be women. They have introduced such heavy taxes into the United States legal taxation system that now many more Americans are poor and homeless.
The Vatican was deliberately set up as a mechanism for mind control and it has always been under the control of dark occultists since its very beginnings and it still is.
Freedom can not exist without morality. When we live in a moral society this automatically translates into security for property, for reputation and for life and total freedom for the population. If we live in an immoral society there can be no security for our property or for our lives without total surveillance and total wireless bodily remote control.
Those who are at the top of the heirarchy of power in the world today are few in number. Most of us know who they are. They introduce immoral laws. They create permanent wars. Wars generate debt for governments and enormous profits for weapons manufacturers. What method will we use to disempower the dark occultists at the top of the heirarchy of power in the world.. How soon can they be disempowered. [
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