The Covid-19 Pandemic was Hoaxed.

Television and radio presenters as well as senior politicians throughout the Republic of Ireland and overseas are under very strong technologically induced mind control. It is not their fault that they are no longer able to think critically and logically. I have been trying to get through to people for years because I had information about brain to brain interfacing capabilities which was not being revealed to the general public and I have had to verbally fight against the technologically induced mind control condition of the men and women who I spoke to and wrote to about what I knew. It is not their fault. They are not our real enemy. We must not fight among each other. We must all unite and fight against the real enemy who are those who have hoaxed a pandemic based on a virus which has never been isolated or purified so that they could persuade their fellow men and women to accept an injecting of slow acting poisons. The new world order cabal of the super rich haoxed a pandemic in order to set up a worldwide dictatorship with themselves in control. They also hoaxed the pandemic so that they could depopulate planet earth by means of a slow acting poisonous injection. They own the microwave transmitters and other tall towers which are being used to transmit mind control messages into our brains and those mind control messages are being carried on microwaves. The new world order cabal have at least four different methods of mind controlling us now. Those who are not aware of the mind controlling capabilities are much easier to mind control than the rest of us because they are unsuspecting. Here is an online link to some good and easy to understand information about mind control capabilities as follows:- Mind Control Via Electronic Manipulation by Jim Stone

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