I am being unwillingly and non-consensually subjected to Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation for nearly twenty years. I have nano technology inside my brain and body which is wirelessly linked to a computerized control system which is manned by unknown Remote Neural Monitoring operatives and also robot generated voices, as far as I know. Voice messages and other data is continuously downloaded into my brain against my will and without my permission by unknown Remote Neural Monitoring operatives and at the same time other data is being continuously uploaded from my brain which is theft because I have never given permission to have my private brain and body data taken from me.
The voice messages which are being broadcast into my brain wirelessly from unknown remote locations are frightening, humiliating, exasperating, sleep-depriving and exhausting. A large variety of men and women who are unknown to me broadcast their voices or simulations of their voices into my head and they all project very different personalities from each other, with different accents, different terminology and different levels of education and they sometimes show a variety of different levels of contempt towards me. I believe but can not prove that some of the voices which are being broadcast into my head are computer generated voices such as the Alexa voice. The computer generated voices can not understand jokes or metaphors and any other type of poetic communication. Because of this, I am being discouraged by those who communicate voices directly inside my head from ever telling jokes and from ever using metaphors or other poetic communication. They wish me to speak like a computer would speak. They have not said this directly to me but they communicate disapproval if I tell a joke because their computers can not categorise jokes and instead those computers wrongly define joke tellers as moderately insane. The written word is preferred in almost all circumstances by the Remote Neural Monitoring system. I am from the Republic of Ireland and the Irish have always spoken in a poetic way and I refuse to speak like a computer simply to enable robots to understand me now and in the future.

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