The Covid-19 pandemic was purposely devised so as to give the dark cabal a reason to inject most of their fellow human beings with hydrogel biosensors in order to connect them by means of a live two way link to the wireless internet of living things. As soon as the hydrogel biosensors enmesh with the human brain and body tissues of the recepient of the vaccine, then the bi-directional live link between the recepient of the vaccine and a computerized control network would be activated.
You may not have received this information from your own government officials because this is an act of war against most of the people of the world and as you may be aware truth is the first casualty of war. Your own government officials are also victims of this war crime because many if not all of them have already become embedded with nano technology which has enmeshed their own brains and bodies from ingredients within the covid-19 vaccine.
If you become a victim of this wireless crime then the two way live link will be used to transmit voice commands, pain, electric shock, images, visions, cold, heat, partial or total paralysis, torture and even transmit information into you to kill you if ever they wish to do so and all of this is transmitted wirelessly directly into your brain and body. This aforementioned two way link will also be used to collect all types of very personal data from your brain and body such as your thoughts, emotions, memories, imagined images, blood pressure, temperature, what you hear, what you see, your location, the ingredients of what you eat and drink, how many times you visit the toilet each day and for what reason, how many times you have had sexual intercourse and with who, who you speak with on the telephone, who you email and the topics you discuss in your emails as well as any other information they can collect about you. I know this because I have been connected to either this or a similar system for many years and I have experienced most of the above.
The police and psychiatry have been unknowingly used to cover up this covert crime for many years because they have been programmed to believe that anyone who insists that they are already wirelessly connected to the wireless internet of living things is mentally insane.
Psychiatrists force the victims of this crime who complain to them about it to ingest poisonous substances which have extremely distressing side effects. The patients know not to complain of those horrendious side effects because if they do so they are then required to return to the psychiatric hospital for the purpose of being placed under observation for a week or two while their medication is being changed and they have no way of knowing if they will ever be released from the psychiatric hospital ever again. Psychiatric patients are not like prisoners in the sense that psychiatric patients are not ever given a definite release date once they are placed inside a psychiatric hospital and because of this a dishonest psychiatrist might keep them inside for years at a time and even might mandate that they ingest brain damaging substances so that they are never released again. There is no oversight available to protect psychiatric patients from dishonest and corrupt psychiatrists. The psychiatric advocacy system has no real power. It simply has the illusion of power.
Is the internet of living things privately owned and if so who owns it and if it is privately owned then who so ever is using it against myself and others is committing a crime against us. However, if it is owned and run by governments throughout the whole world then they aught to have it disassembled and banned immediately because it is a cruel enslavement system which most of humanity would never knowingly agree to if they were not under strong technologically induced mind control programming.

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