The nature of Ultrasonic's

Ultrasound will find the smallest crack in metal which means it can

get through the smallest cracks your home is full of holes and cracks.

If you you a sound meter you might notice the ultrasound at 14500 hz

they don't want you to notice it will hit your ear as normal conversation 

but you won't hear it but your subconscious will. Not exactly true you 

will hear tones your ears will ring. Tinnitus is a dead giveaway.

Your roof is the target and your windows. One inch foil coated foam

insulation at lowes arg home depot. It cuts with a hot knife or bade. For the windows

Check your attic plug the holes insulate. Ultrasound directed at the roof is tough to

beet. A metal roof is better than composition is like an open window. 

Ultrasound directed at the roof it is the voice of god comes from everywhere.

Somali pirates are driven off by LRAD long range Acoustic device

it will penetrate every part of the ship the sound is deafening so guys with machine

guns RPG's AK47's are run off by sound, hard to believe. All cruse ship are now required

to have this device. There argument it can reach through fog yes it can but not

a solid surface fiberglass insulation crap against sound rock wool way better.

Don't believe it is ultrasound. Been there done that listen can you hear cars horns

birds trains trucks well then sound can get to you on the inside of your so called

protected home. Go Gold Stay Gold look into noise cancellation tec understand study it.


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