A social credit score system has been set up in China and is now being set up in various cities throughout the United States and Canada which will award or deduct points based on individual behaviour. If you are a few pounds over weight, if you disagree with the policies of the super-rich unelected predatory globalists or if you refuse to allow your child to be injected with toxic vaccines which contain nano technology you will have points deducted off your social credit score to the extent that you would then not be entitled to use public transport or use a public library. If fact if you continue to disagree with the human enslavement policies of the super-rich globalist bankers and corporate owners you will then be entirely blacklisted to such an extent that your bank account will be deteted and if any of your friends and relatives should telephone you using a digital device after you become black listed then they too will have points deducted from their social credit score. Millions of Chinese individuals have been blacklisted since the social credit score system was first set up in China because they dared to publicly disagree with the implementation of the social credit score system and because they dared to disagree with other policies of the unelected globalists.
The globlaists have created a situation where smart dust, nano bots and metallic particulates are inside the bodies of most of the human race by vaccinations and by a number of other means. We can prove that this is the case because small light neodymium magnets can not be made to stick to our faces. Many of us have non-consensually been given eye implants at a time when we were unaware that it was occurring to the extent that whenever we shine an ultraviolet light into our eyes they are seen as fluorescent green. Because of the smart dust and other unnatural materials which are in the bodies of many of the human race now our limbs can be made to move against our wills in a number of individuals and research is being done to immobilize us by wireless remote means if we dare to disobey any policies of the globalists.
Because of independent researchers on the internet who are not affiliated with universities or governments we now know without any doubt that the earth is flat and fixed, and not the rotating ball that we were led to believe it was. Please read the book "Two Hundred Proofs Earth is Not A Spinning Ball" by Eric Dubay. It is now also believed by the majority of the human race that the existence of satellites is a hoax along with a wide variety of other hoaxes. It was created in order to make us erroneously believe that there is nothing we can do to stop our technological enslavement. Stationary drones are being widely mistaken for satellites. Stationary drones can be shot down from earth. Undersea fibre optic cables can be severed whereever they reach the shore line. We must disassemble and ban the infrastructure which allows the globalists to technologically enslave us. The police and others must protect themselves from frequency weapons but not by the use of helmets because helmets could very well be a trojan horse solution.

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