I am unwillingly being subjected to illegal and cruel remote neural monitoring and voice to skull bio-communication. When I was sitting on the toilet earlier this evening, one of the voice to skull operatives broadcast his voice into a location inside my head while asking me what I was doing with my left hand. I find the whole experience very invasive and humiliating. Those who broadcast their voices inside my head have warned me that if I don't answer their questions they will hurt me. The remote neural monitoring team discuss me constantly among themselves. They remarked this evening that I am always putting the kettle on and they also mentioned the phrase "another ham", because I took a ham out of the freezer with the intentions of cooking it tomorrow.
The Remote Neural Monitoring Team can read digitals signals which they upload from my visual cortex on to their computer system and by that means and others they can see into my home, which is an invasion of my privacy. They also upload digital signals from my brain to their computer systems in order to read my private thoughts. I long for death because this is psychological torture.
My name is Gretta Fahey and my postal address is Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560. Republic of Ireland. I have included my name and address here because what is happening to me is a crime. I have never agreed to being Remote Neural Monitored or Remote Neural Manipulated, both of which are happening to me.

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  • You are not the only one. They use space based through the wall radar and they can hack any computer including the human brain. Don't give up.
  • HI GRETTA, you long for death? Then you'll never get justice, never see these perps fry. Keep it together and don't do anything stupid.
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