Two hundred and eight universities and institutions throughout the world, including in Ireland attempted to isolate a covid-19 virus and failed to do so because it is simply a virtual construct which was implemented with computer algorithms and it does not exist in reality. There is no contagion because there is no biological agent.
We were given a brochure which told us the official composition of what is known as the covid-19 vaccine. However, independent scientists using micro Ramon microscopes and fluorescence microscopy tell a different story entirely. They tell us that what are known as covid-19 vaccines contain a highly poisonous substance called graphene oxide. This has been confirmed by Dr Pablo Campra from the University of Almeria in Spain in an official legal document and it has been corroborated in other parts of the world such as the United Kingdom and New Zealand.
When we are injected with graphene oxide some of it crosses the blood brain barrier and settles in our neurons making us more forgetful than usual. When 5G millimeter wave and scalar wave transmitters are switched on then the graphene oxide in our bodies and brains absorbs the radiation which comes from the 5G transmitters, which in turn depletes our bodies of gluthathione which causes us to have breathing problems. The poisonous radiation from the 5G transmitters combined with the poisonous graphene oxide in our bodies also coagulates our blood which causes our blood to clot which in turn causes many of us to have strokes and heart attacks and which has brought on a pandemic of something called sudden adult death syndrome.
Furthermore, whenever our enemies raise the power which comes off the 5G millimeter wave transmitters they cause a new wave of illness and death. This explains how they can predict in advance when a new wave of illness and death is coming. They plan to switch off some public lighting in the future so that they can have more energy at their disposal to increase the power of the 5G millimeter wave and scalar wave transmitters so that they can kill more people in their ongoing depopulation program which is occurring throughout the world. This is an act of war and it is genocide.
The main reason that graphene oxide has been injected into us is because it has applications in the field of neuroscience to the extent that it allows neuro scientists and others to remote neural monitor us. Because some of the graphene oxide in the injectables and also in the food and water supply passes the blood brain barrier and clings to our neurons which are our brain cells they are being used to record electrical impulses in our brains and then translate them to such an extent that they can now know what we are thinking. Graphene has magnetic properties, a fact which was verified in 2013 by spanish scientists from the Higher Council for Scientific Research. The magnetic properties of graphene oxide helps to enable others to read and write information into human brains. Neuro modulation and neuro stimulation are now being used to insert emotions and thoughts into the brains of the population of the entire world. The European Brain Project received vast amounts of money to research the human brain and the spanish scientist Rafael Yuste was in charge of this research project.
I obtained some of the above information from the following online video and from many other sources.
Excellent Health Tips on How to Counteract Vaccine Damage and Other Health Problems.

CHLORINE DIOXIDE cures autism, malaria, typhoid, cancer and all other diseases because it carries any and all pathogens and heavy metals out of the human body, thereby allowing the human body to cure itself. What is known as the covid-19 vaccine is causing the red blood cells of those who have received it to clump together. Taking chlorine dioxide helps blood cells to move freely without clumping.

NAC which is also known as N-Acetyl Cystine stops blood from clotting and generates glutathione in the human body. Those who have been vaccinated need to take it.
IODINE OR KELP TABLETS produce thyroid hormones which regulate body weight and body temperature and maintains energy.
BILE SALTS breaks down fat, coverts T4 to T3 and kills microbes in the small intestine.
APPLE CIDER VINEGAR cures stiffness, cataracts, arthritis, cramping and muscle pain.
BENTONITE AND ZEOLITE carry a strong negative charge which acts like a magnet inside you and attracts positively charged toxins such as heavy metals, fungus, yeast, pathogens and mold. They attract up to two thousand times their own weight and neutralizes them. Never stir bentonite or zeolite with a metal spoon. Always use a plastic spoon.
DMSO improves eyesight, cures stiffness and gastrointestinal disorders. If a family member gets a stroke or a heart attack then fifteen droplets of DMSO in a glass of water will dissolve the blood clot which caused the heart attack or stroke leading to immediate recovery without any long term damage.
PURE GUM SPIRITS TURPENTINE kills bacteria, fungus and parasites and removes mold from the human body. It improves blood circulation, cures candida, depression and insomnia among many other health problems. Take pure gum spirits turpentine on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. When it begins killing candida and parasites in the human body toxic substances will then be released by the body which will create die off symptoms which are known as a herxheimer reaction. If you begin to feel ill with a herxheimer reaction then you must take activated charcoal which will absorb any newly released toxins and eliminate them safely from your body.
HYDROGEN PEROXIDE AND OZONATED WATER, similar to CHLORINE DIOXIDE and all other oxygen therapies will cure, Acne, Sore Throats, Athletes Foot, Bad Breath, Gum Infestion, Ear Infection, all pathogens which may be in the gut, lungs or head. All oxygen therapies are cure alls which are heavily censored by those at the top of the worldwide power structure who are pursuing practices which make the people of the world dependent on their poisonous drugs. Natural healers are pursuing practices which eliminate all need for the highly poisonous trillion dollar pharmaceutical industry. The evil doers at the top of the world wide power structure attempt at every opportunity to silence and eliminate natural healers because that is the only way that such evil doers can remain powerful and wealthy.
Avoid all vegetable oils because they set you up for metabolic disaster and they destroy mitochondrial function. Use butter or animal fat instead.

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