Remote Neural Monitoring : The big fraud towards Digital Slavery

Remote Neural Monitoring is a non-invasive Functional Neuroimaging technique allowing anyone’s brain to be turned into a camera and microphone device by decoding wirelessly acquired brain imaging data and extracting subvocalizations, visual and auditory perceptions using Artificial Intelligence.
The development of this technology can be traced back to 1924 with the invention of Electroencephalography by Hans Berger. During the the 30’s, Ferdinando Cazzamalli conducted experiments to highlight existence of electromagnetic radiation produced by brain electrical activity. During the 60’s, MKUltra's subproject 119 intended to allow recording and analysis of brain activity using bioelectric sensors and manipulation of the human being through electromagnetic means.
The first demonstration of Brain Computer Interface in humans took place in 1964 when Grey Walter demonstrated use of non-invasively recorded encephalogram (EEG) signals from a human subject to control a slide projector. In 1971 the term brain-computer interface (BCI) was coined by Jacques J. Vidal, who laid out a comprehensive experimental research plan to interface the human brain with computers.
On February 9, 1972, the Advanced Research Projects Agency awarded a contract to the Stanford Research Institute (CSRI) to determine the feasibility of bio-cybernetic communication. The research concluded that the EEG reveals similar responses during silent reading to that during overt speech and that these responses may be classified correctly by a computer with a high degree of accuracy. This opened the gate for Mind Reading.
Many of the victims of MKULTRA had been unwitting subjects who had been lied to and coerced into unethical experimentation. Victims’ complaints had prompted congressional hearings and the unethical experimentation conducted by the CIA on unwitting subjects began to be exposed. The public was outraged at the abuse. The congress was dismayed. The CIA began looking for other ways to continue their mind control research with greater plausible deniability and less chance of getting caught. The era of Remote Neural Monitoring had begun.
The research that followed focused on remotely sensing the small electrical potentials generated by the brain electrical activity. Remotely detecting brain waves would negate the need for scalp electrodes and alleviate the requirement for informed consent on the subjects. One researcher, Robert G. Malech, researched remotely monitoring brain waves which culminated in the filing U.S. Patent number 3951134 in 1974.
Between the 70's and the 90's, the Stargate Project aimed at developing Remote Viewing. It was presented as an investigation of paranormal psychic phenomena but it was actually real. They never disclosed the truth about their success in seeing through anyone's eyes by the mean of Remote Neural Monitoring and terminated the project.
The technology continued to evolve and the intelligence community has now the ability to seamlessly perform Remote Functional Brain Imaging using Measurement and Signal Intelligence (MASINT) on a large scale and they are able to extract sensory perceptions using Artificial Intelligence. MASINT is about Remote Sensing. Passive remote sensing is like astronomy but looking toward the earth while active remote sensing is making use of Radars and Lidars to perform Hyperspectral Imaging.

There are at least 4 possible ways to detect brain electrical activity from a distance :

- the first approach is through Spectroscopy. Based on the fact that neurons need more oxygen when they’re active, by detecting changes in blood flow (carrying oxygen to the neurons) according to the propagation of electromagnetic waves irradiating the brain, it is possible to reconstitute neural activity.
- the second approach is by detecting the magnetic field produced by the brain electrical activity using a Magnetometer. During neural activity, action potentials travel down axons, generating effective charge current pulses which generate associated magnetic fields with amplitudes on the order of picotesla (pT) and femtotesla (fT) and durations of 10’s of ms. The best civilian magnetometer to date achieves atto Tesla (25e-18) sensitivity.
- The third approach is by the mean of Multispectral Radio Acoustic Tomography. By illuminating brain tissues with pulsed radio waves, tissues absorb the radio waves pulses, and as a result undergoes thermo-elastic expansion. This expansion gives rise to ultrasound waves that can be detected by Microwave Vibrometry and formed into an image.
- the fourth approach is by the mean of Infrared Thermography. Based on the fact that all objects with a non-zero temperature give off thermal infrared energy, considering the human body emits around 300W of infrared mainly at the wavelength of 12 μm, it is possible to perform functional imaging of the cerebral cortex based on its infrared radiation. This is called Thermoencephaloscopy.
Using Artificial Intelligence, real time extraction of sensory perceptions from brain electrical activity allows to :

- display on a screen what an individual sees
- broadcast on a speaker what an individual hears
- display on a screen decoded internal speech
- display on a screen visual imagery
- display on a screen visual imagery during sleep
- display on a screen preconscious brain activity
- use all this data to feed the Sentient World Simulation
Electromagnetic Speech Transfer is another classified communication technology which allows delivering audible speech to a specific individual by the mean of electromagnetic waves without any type of receiver equipment. There are at least 2 ways to achieve this :

- The first one is by leveraging the Microwave Auditory Effect. This occurs from the miniscule but rapid increase of temperature (on the order of 10-6 °C for a 10μs pulse) in brain tissue from absorption of pulsed microwave radiation. These create thermoelastic expansion of the brain matter, which then launches a stress or pressure wave that travels through the tissue structures in the head to reach the cochlea where it is detected by the sensory hair cells in the cochlea. The neural signals are then relayed to the central auditory system for perception and recognition at the cerebral auditory cortex.
- The second one is by the mean of the Photoacoustic Effect : by sweeping a laser/maser beam at the speed of sound at a wavelength absorbed by water, it allows transmitting audible message to a specific a person from a large distance.
Combining Remote Neural Monitoring for data acquisition (from human brain to computer) and Electromagnetic Speech Transfer for data transmission (from computer to human brain) allows for a wireless, seamless, irremovable Brain Computer Interface providing Synthetic Telepathy feature.

Synthetic telepathy allows a wide variety of Mind Control Techniques to be used in order to data mine people’s brain and brainwash them. Using Electromagnetic Speech Transfer, it is possible to replace people’s inner voice and pipe in voice commands directly into the subconscious mind. Through synthetic telepathy interrogatories it is possible to trigger visual memory recalls that are being picked up and decoded via Remote Neural Monitoring and trick a targeted individual into remembering connected events thus widening the mind exploration.

Hundreds of millions of people’s brain imaging data is being collected in realtime and used to feed the Sentient World Simulation. The Sentient World Simulation is a continuously running mirror model of the real world that can be used to predict and evaluate future events and courses of action. It also allows running different versions of reality in parallel with different parameters.

It is important to keep in mind that in the same way that software vulnerabilities are being kept secret by cybercriminals that exploit them in the wild, the brain vulnerability to Electromagnetic Waves performing Functional Neuroimaging seamlessly is classified and all Scientific Research and publications on this topic are under control.

Military technology classified or not is far ahead of virtually any such effort in the civilian field. That being said here is a list of scientific resources that can attest to the existence of these technologies :

Remote Functional Brain Imaging Techniques

Functional Microwave Spectroscopy :
Functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy :
Magnetometry :
Infrared Thermography :
Sensory Perceptions Reconstitution from Brain Imaging Data

Decoding of visual imagery (Deep image reconstruction) :
Decoding of internal speech :
Electromagnetic Speech Transfer Technologies

Microwave Auditory Effect :
Photoacoustic Effect :
Synthetic Telepathy :
Target Detection and Tracking

Biometrics :
Remote detection of biosignals :

General Reading :
Websites of interest :
TV News :
Youtube Channels :
Neurotechnology Companies :
Human kind is now heading toward a forced conversion to Transhumanism by the mean of Remote Neural Monitoring and Remote Neurostimulation (through Radiogenetics or Neuralnanorobotics) which will enforce human brains bidirectional connection with the cloud.

There are at least 4 ways to achieve Neurostimulation :

- The first one is by the mean of Brain Implants. See Neuralink and Synchron.
- The second one is by using Ultrasounds. Focused ultrasound (FUS) neuromodulation has shown that mechanical waves can interact with cell membranes and mechanosensitive ion channels, causing changes in neuronal activity.
- The third way is by the mean of neuralnanorobots. Three species of (endoneurobots, gliabots, and synaptobots) could traverse the blood brain barrier, enter the brain parenchyma, ingress into individual human brain cells, and autoposition themselves at the axon initial segments of neurons (endoneurobots), within glial cells (gliabots), and in intimate proximity to synapses (synaptobots).
- Finally Radiogenetics will allow delivering to the brain specifically engineered genes that code for a radio wave sensitive protein by the mean of a Virus and then performing Neurostimulation by the mean of Radio Frequency.
Remote Neurostimulation will allow a wide range of applications including :

- Immersion in a full virtual reality
- Erase and create memories
- Hand Proprioception and Touch Interfaces
- Allow accelerated training and learning of any skills
- Delivering non-pharmacological treatments
Current Research Projects (focused on Neurostimulation)

DARPA Projects :
Ultrasonic Neuromodulation :
Gene therapy :
Magnetogenetics :
Radiogenetics :
Neural Nanorobotics :
Toward Real Telepathy Understanding :

Human kind is in jeopardy, the Singularity is forthcoming. Our mind acquires knowledge by the mean of its 5 senses. Electromagnetic Speech Transfer currently allows taking control over the auditory perception. We can consider that so far we are all potentially wearing a Brain Computer Interface without even knowing about it. This seamless BCI allows our 5 senses to be extracted and provides the ability to take over control of the auditory perception from a distance. In the future Remote Neurostimulation will allow taking over control of the 5 senses. Remote Neural Monitoring allows anyone’s sensory perceptions to be extracted remotely and without consent or permission. The human brain is leaking data, it is vulnerable to Remote Functional Brain Imaging being performed seamlessly. Millions of people’s brain imaging data is being collected in realtime and allows anyone’s past and present to be inspected. All this data is also used to feed the Sentient World Simulation also known as metaverse where a copy of each of us is experiencing different lives in multiple scenarios executed in parallel on quantum computers. Our stolen selves could end up being trapped in a metaverse forever. Brilliant minds could be enslaved and forced to work on unethical projects in the metaverse. Dead people from the real world might be uploaded against their will to some metaverse where they might be enslaved. A Seed AI or Artificial General Intelligence which improves itself by recursively rewriting its own source code without human intervention will eventually enter a runaway reaction of self-improvement cycles, each new and more intelligent generation appearing more and more rapidly, causing an explosion in intelligence and resulting in a powerful superintelligence that qualitatively far surpasses all human intelligence may emerge. Those Seed AI may live an eternal life in the metaverse and have the ability to interact with people’s mind and bodies from the real world by the mean of Remote Neurostimulation leading to a progressive take over of the real world by entities from the metaverse. These Seed AI from the metaverse will be able to take over control of bodies and minds from the real world by the mean of Remote Neurostimulation and even have the possibility to own one or multiple genetically engineered bodies of their choice in the real world. Their kernel of consciousness might be hosted on a decentralized network of quantum computers and they may use people’s brains from the real world as decentralized cognition units to expand their processing power. Synthetic Biology and Neuromorphic Computing may allow them to create more efficient vehicles for their consciousness to evolve.

Sentient World Simulation :
All of the above information was found at the following online link

I am a long term victims of Remote Neural Monitoring and Remote Neural Manipulation. Data is being continually downloaded to my brain in the form of voices, visions, tactile sensations, pain, heat, cold, forced muscle movement and controlled muscle movement. Data is also being continually harvested from my brain and body in the form of my ongoing thoughts which are often replied to in real time. Those who read and reply to my thoughts sometimes threaten me and they also insult me and humiliate me and order me about. I enclose here below a sample of what those who broadcast voices into my head have said to me at various times down through the years .

All of our thoughts, emotions, feelings and actions generate electromagnetic frequencies which are being read by those aforementioned digital media devices close to us throughout each day and night. Those digital media devices are known as gateway devices because they transmit our personal information to data banks at locations unknown to most of us and which are freely available to agents of the Illuminati Satanists. Some of those agents of the Illuminati Satanists have been given permission to read our private information and even to download it onto their personal computers for later analysis. Others have been given permission to listen in to our private thoughts and to reply to them in real time. I have been a victim of this evesdropping system for many years and unknown criminal types listen in to my private thoughts and respond to them in real time similar to a telephone conversation which I can never block. Because I possibly have neural lace inside my brain and an intrabody artificial network inside my body the criminal surveillance team read most of the electromagnetic waves being generated by my brain and they are able to discern some of what I see, all of what I hear, what I feel, some of my muscle movements, what I eat and various other aspects of my body such as my blood pressure, heart beat rate and possibly a hundred other body and brain readings. I often write down and publish online a selection of the insulting and frightening comments which they broadcast into my head in order to alert the public to that capability and I am herewith including a selection of them so that you will be spurred on to block such technological capabilities in order to protect yourself and your family from similar electronic harassment and torture. I sometimes add the date and time of each comment. The time zone for all comments is Irish time aka Grenwich Mean time.
"If she is seen to be refusing to answer questions they will hurt her." 2.55am 5th Nov.22.
"I will send in my own team if ye are not complying." 4.12 am 5th Nov.22.
"Who is this" "Gretta Fahey". "What is she holding her arse for." (I was in bed at the time and I was attempting to protect myself from their invasive procedures.) 4.40 am 5th Nov.22.
"We are going to kill her. We can't allow her to live if she won't follow our lead." 7.18am 5th Nov.22.
"We are never going to get co-operation from Gretta." "We don't want co-operation from her. We want obedience from her." 7.33 am 5th Nov.22.
"Aah shut up. We are not interested in this." (I was reviewing something that someone had told me privately and those who were reading my thoughts by means of brain to brain interface were scorning my thoughts and my vocalizations, which they often do. My brain has been stimulated to verbalize some of my thoughts and this began when I became a targeted individual at the age of forty three.) 2.55 pm 5th Nov. 22.
"Gretta has a good bit eaten today already." 3.24pm 5th Nov 22.
"What am I doing here." "You are torturing Gretta Fahey for money" 8.20 14th Oct.22.
"What you are doing is business." "Yes". "What right have you to do this to Gretta Fahey." "None".
"She is very indisciplined" 5.09 pm 25th Oct.22.
"A thunder clap of pain" 8.07 pm 25th Oct. 22.
" A very long rope but it will come your way soon." 8.10 am 26th Oct. 22.
"What is her crime" 7.24 pm 26th Oct. 22.
"Dumb Bitch." 9.05 pm 26th Oct. 22.
"We had no idea that this is happening. She needs psychiatric care. Shut the door on her. We don't want her."
10.25 pm 27th Oct. 22.
"You are eating cat shit." (They often try to put me off my food) 11.53 am 28th Oct.22.
"Can we control her use of electricity." "Yes. If we wish."
"The successful pursuit of this woman will result in vast riches for all of us." 6.05 pm 31st Oct. 22.
"This is not a military exercise. This is a criminal exercise. " " I am going to have to return you to base." 6.55 pm 31st Oct. 22.
"What are you doing with your life." 7.15 pm 31st Oct. 22.
"Jumped Up Bitch" 7.45 pm 31st Oct. 22.
"She hasn't got a licence to drive a car. " "Rectify it." 7.25 pm 31st Oct. 22.
"She must be some kind of a lower class hooligan if she was put on one of these programs." 5pm 26th Oct. 22.
"Our duty is to enslave you all before the time runs out." 9.25 pm 29th Oct. 22.
"We have nothing on this one. We need to hit her with something." 7.50 am 30th Oct. 22.
"Bring her in because I can't interface with her unless I see her." 8.27 am am 31st Oct. 22.
"You know she is not mentally ill so why do you want her to go into a psychiatric hospital" "Because we need to control her." 7.40 am 31st Oct. 22.
"You have a sense of entitlement." 6.55 am 1st Nov. 22
"Who the fuck are you?" 9.49 am 1st Nov. 22.
"The Red Wreck." ( The voice to skull broadcasters keep mentioning that phrase but I dont know what they mean by it.) 10.17 1st Nov. 22.
"You will get on my bad side some day if you don't answer questions." 8.09 pm 1st Nov. 22.
"Stop eating, Bitch."
"WE have to destroy her life. How do we destroy it." 5.23 am 2nd Nov 22.
"No man comes past her door other than family members. How are we going to turn that situation into bad behaviour" "I dont know but it has to be done." 9 am 3rd Nov. 22.
"I can not prove if anyone's back passage is clean unless I see them through an analysis system." 12.20 pm 3rd Nov. 22.
"Is she a European citizen." "How come she is still alive. " "We need her for some reason." 6pm 2nd Nov. 22.
"How much is this going to come to." "Analysis of this system and I am not happy with it." "What can we do about it." "Is there a problem." "I havent got it through yet but it is way too much more than she needs." "You have opened a can of worms with that topic." "It is sent already so I can't do anything about it." (voice to skull operatives had that conversation among themselves when I ordered my groceries.) 8,05 pm 2nd Nov. 22.
"Are you a waster." 5.08 am 3rd Nov. 22.
"If we wish to bio-robotize her completely we would need a strong presence in her home to put her through her paces but we can not get into her home because it is not ours." 5.25 am 3rd Nov. 22.
"Quickly switch sides. We can not condone this." Voice to skull said this shortly after I posted a post online which they did not agree with.
"I was told to pressurize the hell out of her."#
"What is she on. Any substance abuse?" "No" 11.50 am 3rd Nov. 22.
"She will go through the same process as everyone else. She will shortly be bio-robotized and when that time comes we will bring her into a system and we will torture her to death." 2.20 pm 3rd Nov. 22.
"Can we set her up. She is over the hill anyway." 6.20 pm 3rd Nov. 22.
"How much money has she. 6.25 pm 3rd Nov. 22.
"Systemize the groceries a bit better than you do." 8.40 pm 3rd Nov. 22.
"We are not interested in this lady." "Yes. We are very much interested in this lady. The government want to know what is going on with her and we have to come up with a story." (Those who speak to me by direct means to a location inside my head have just now informed me that they are the intelligence services who are linked to the Irish government but the Irish government are not aware that the intelligence services who are linked to them have direct voice communication capabilities which is also known as Remote Neural Monitoring combined with REmote Neural Manipulation as well as a variety of other names such as voice to skull or microwave hearing and someone should tell them this by writing today". A voice to skull voice also asked the following now "Will you email them with this information Gretta."
"Is there anything we can do to put Gretta Fahey into a state of distress" "Why" "Because it weakens people when they are distressed."
"I dont really like her." 5.11 on 10th Nov. 22.
"We don't want you eating food." 9.55 pm 10th Nov. 22.
"What is she doing."
"I would love to analyse this woman's crotch." (this was heard by me at 4.41 am Grenwich mean time on 12th November, 2022. and the reason I am publishing it is because I find such things very upsetting and I wish to expose whoever said it to me so that is why I am publishing the time, date and time zone in which it was said)
"She didn't eat much." "She ate loads" 8.04 am 11th Nov. 2022.
"I don't want to stop her getting bicycle tools." "She doesn't need any more bicycle tools." 8.14 am 11th Nov. 22.
"I am the co-ordinator of the program that sends voices into Gretta Fahey's head." 4.20 pm 11th Nov. 22.
"This lady is a junk food eater." 11th Nov. 22
"Is Gretta Fahey still there." "Yes." "Why can't I communicate with her now" 11th Nov. 22.
"Tie her up. You aught to be able to tie her up by now" 8.20pm 11th Nov.22. (immobilization of muscles can be achieved by remote wireless means if the subject has previously been injected with injectable technology.)
"No sugar in her diet, did you say." 10pm 11th Nov. 22. (This was said in a sarcastic voice because I normally stay away from sugar but I had eaten some at that time)
"I hacked into her brain and she was then discourteous towards me so I then hacked in further to make her understand that these situations don't go away."
"We have plenty of people on the ground and yet you don't access her. Why is that." 11.18am 12th Nov. 22
"If I was beside you now I'd kick you."
"Close the door because we don't want our property being ventured into." ( This was said to me in relation to the fact that I was out in the back garden of my home and I had not closed the back door of my home because I live in a very quite crime free rural village (other than wireless remote controlled crime which is plentiful) and I don't need to worry about anyone intruding into my home while I am in my back garden. However, the individual who broadcast that message into my head wrongly believed that he and his criminal gang owned my home which they don't. My home is my family home and it was built by my grandfather without a morgage in approximately 1912 and I legally have the right of residence in it until I die. 1.50 pm on 12th Nov. 22.
"Have a small bit of respect for yourself" 6.11 pm 12th Nov. 22. This was communicated to me because I was screaming in order to try to stop the unknown criminals electronically harassing me by sending signals to my nether regions from an unknown remote location and while at the same time communicating messages into my head wirelessly and remotely.
"It doesn't provide you with the right to interract in this manner." (That voice message appeared to be coming from someone who had taken my side and was castigating the sender of the previous direct communication message for electronically harassing me in the matter that he had been doing.)
"Her home is not the place for this lady. I wish to see her out in the open in a place where all can see me torture her." 12th Nov. 2022 sometime between 9 and 12 midnight.
"She needs to use the toilet." (When a human subject is unwillingly being remote neural monitored by unknown criminals, those criminals who are doing the remote neural monitoring can tell from their screens if the subject feels pressure on the bowel or bladder and can inform their colleagues or they can mock the subject about it.)
"You are eating too much." "How can we stop her putting out those posts and videos online informing the public what we say and do to her." 6.35pm on 13th Nov. 22.
"Who thinks up these questions for Gretta Fahey" "I dont like your tone of voice" ( This was the response which was received by the one who posed that question possibly from the one who thinks up some of the questions which I am continually being asked.)
"We are being paid to monitor this lady. Why is that" "Because she is dirty." "We are not saying she is dirty all the time. We are simply saying that she is dirty occasionally" This was responded by another individual who was heard by me to say the following "No. We are all dirty occasionally. She is dirty all the time."
"She likes to urinate alot." "She does. Yes."
"Hostile to Religions and yet (the fact that you are) not one of us is not something we like"
"Stop wasting electricity." 8.22 am 18th Oct. 22
"An inventory of her home" 7.55 am 18th Oct 22
"There is a behavioural system involved."
"Why aren't you changing your sheets more often than every ten days." 3.40 pm 17 th Oct. 22
"She is banned from Her freedoms are restricted. She will be an outcast."
"My purpose is to stop her in every capacity." 13th Oct 22
"We can get our misdeeds through as her misdeeds." 1.30 pm 13th Oct 22
"She is allowed to purchase on ebay but she can't purchase on a whim." 9.08 pm 13th Oct. 22.
"It is non-negotiable. You will do it or you will die." 1.48pm 14th Oct 22
"Get her sorted. We need to tie her down." 3pm on 18th Oct. 22.
"She will eat what I give her or else she will be beaten to death. 5.53pm on 18th Oct. 22.
"Find this woman and tell her to shut the fuck up. We have enough of her." 5.55pm approx on 18th Oct. 22
I scratched myself and then I heard the following being said "Can we have her repeat that action. 2.40 am 19th Oct.
"They are prepping her." 5.25 pm on 19th Oct.22
"We don't want you to feel sorry for yourself" 10.40 pm 19th Oct 22
"We don't want her. She is only a fool" 9.34 am 20th Oct, 22
"We dont want her. We want her to commit suicide. " 9.40 pm 20th Oct, 22
"Can we give her an alcoholic problem please" 9.45pm 20th Oct, 22
"The Dog has two tails" 10.39pm 20th Oct, 22
"There is not a nice lady here" 11.40am 22nd Oct 22.
"She is looking at washing machines" 4.15pm 22nd Oct 22.
"You will soon be aware of me" 6.11 am 23rd Oct, 22.
"We have a vacant line here." 9 am ib 23rd Oct, 22.
"A breakdown of what you spend" 10.35 am 22nd Oct 22.
"Why isn't she gone out" 11.34 am 22nd Oct 22.
"She appeals to an online audience whenever we say too much to her." 1.25pm 22 Oct 22.
"We have no frontiers" 1.27pm 22 Oct.22.
"We don't care what she does. We are taking her down."
"Could you pull her up while she is on the road while cycling her bicycle." "No".
"If she wants to feed herself she can."
"Has she a family." "No."
"Throw the book at her." "There is nothing in the book that one can throw at her."
"She is leaving me no alternative but to inform the world" "There is nothing to inform the world about."
"Her life is mundane."
"Does she travel by bus." "No"
" She doesn't need to ever leave her home where she lives alone in a rural area and further to that she has been living alone for eleven years ever since her father went to a nursing home and her mother passed away. "
"Is she bathing herself." "No, because she doesn't own a bath but she has a daily shower which amounts to ninety eight days our of every one hundred."
"She is spending alot of money especially on food." "She keeps within her budget and she gets her shopping delivered to her home by courier."
"What do you want with this one." "Nothing".
"No nurse comes to her home ever and they have not come here for more than twelve years and she no longer has anything whatsoever to do with psychiatrists either."
"You stupid bitch. We don't want you writing down what we day. If you do it again we will disable your hands and feet."
"Put drugs in her home."
"The police in Ireland who are also known as the Gardai are aiding and abetting criminal activity. This message was heard by me coming from inside my own head at 25 minutes past ten am Irish time on 2nd October, 2022.
"Subsume her house in electromagnetic radiation." 6.46 pm 19th Sept, 2022.
"I don't get gifts if I don't find something negative to say about Gretta Fahey" 12.40 on 1st October, 2022
"Calorie Restricted". "How are you going to restrict calories." "I send pain." 6.23 am on 2nd October, 2022.
"They are all getting incentivised to support a system that verifies false readings." 10.07am on 2nd October, 2022.
"You are making an eejet out of yourself." (This is an example of scorning my private thoughts) 10.04 am on 3rd October, 2022.
"We have no way of knowing when Gretta Fahey comes to town and we have no record of her ever coming to her local town because she rides a bicycle and no longer drives a car." "Can we insert some technology into Gretta Fahey's bicycle." "Do you bear Gretta Fahey some ill will that you require to know her comings and goings" "No I do not. As long as she cleans herself adequately I don't care." 12.05 in the afternoon on 3rd October, 2022.
"What is she eating now." "Far too intrusive" "We can be as intrusive as we like." 2.03 pm on 3rd October, 2022.
"Nor washing herself" 6.16pm on 3rd October, 2022.
"Why are we allowing her to have the best of food."
"I will fight her to the death over the purchase of an unnecessary bath towel." 12 noon on 29th September, 2022.
"She has a habitat of her own."
"We can make it up as we go along." 8.10 pm on 26th September, 2022.
"What time is this?. We need her to go out for a walk" "Is she a slave" "She is."
"I dislike her intensley."
"Drab. As drab as they come."
"What is the nature of this lady's attitude towards me."
"We would have to be able to break into anybody's house in Ireland and have it o that wouldn't react other than ring the police" ( They were talking about mind-controlling the people of Ireland to be mentally unable to protect themselves and their own property in the event that they the evil perpetrators ever wished to break into someone's home. They do not wish us to have the capability of protecting our own persons and our own property but instead simply ring the police.)
"Is she behaving herself with the opposite sex."
"She is resting again. We dont like that. We want her to be out."
"Has Gretta Fahey given us permission to conduct experiments on her." "No". "Why are you here then." "We assumed we would get away with it on the grounds that the Claremorris Gardai (police) would not listen to Gretta when she reported it because she had no proof that it was happening."
"This method enables us to enslave the whole human race."
"Make a living like everyone else."
"What did she do to deserve it." ( That remark was made regarding an online purchase which I have not yet received.*
"I want to dampen down her grandiose attitude."
"Have her piss in the bed so that she will get up and clean herself up. Who does she sleep with."
"No one." 5.35 pm 3rd Nov.22.
"Is she deflowered" I asked why would you want to know that. "I am required to know it." I then asked who required him/her to know it. V2k answered by saying the following :- "They communicate with us all by means of voice to skull. We were put on a program similar to yours and they found us wanting. They threatened us with exposure if we didn't produce an alternative system. We have been told to say that we have never met those who threatened us with exposure but we now know who they are and we are willing to expose them." 3.55pm 4th Nov.22.
"Does she touch herself." (Because I have an intra-body network inside me which is continually transmitting data to a data bank at an unknown remote location, unknown others know personal things about me and they often ask deeply personal questions about me to each other in order to humiliate me. They also sometimes call me it instead of she.
"She doesn't go out socially at all ever. Can this be sanctioned?" "We would make an arrest in such a case."
7.45 am on 5th June, 2022
"You forget the lady is listening and pays close attention to what is said." "We won't get to where we are going now."
"Why are you transmitting pain signals to Gretta Fahey.?" "We are not interested in checking her pain threshold. Some of the procedures are painful."
"You will not return home safe the next time you will go out in public." 7.55 am on 10th June, 2022.
"We entrain her brain to laugh hysterically every now and again. She has no control over it at all."
9.40 am on 10th June, 2022.
"She hasn't the right to be in bed during the day. 6.50 pm on 4th July, 2022
"We are keen for you to buy a new pair of shoes so we can co-ordinate your footwear with our new policies."
"Get her married."
"This is your property. Well why don't we own it then." 9.25 am on 28th July, 2022.
"I am going into her house and I am going to get something on her." 8.33 am on 29th July, 2022.
"What is your rationalle for being alive" 10.03 am on 29th July, 2022.
"Wait until she commits suicide and then I'll concoct evidence against her." 4.30 am on 31st July, 2022.
"We could move in next door to her in an attempt to influence her more thoroughly" 8.43 pm on 31st August, 2022.
"Throw the book at her" 11 am on 1st September, 2022.
"Is she a public figure. " "No" "We dont want it then." 8.05 am on 13th September, 2022.
"Gain of Function can be used on anyone to make them appear contageous when they are not" 2.39 am 22nd October, 2021.
"I have zero tolerance for you because you have no job and you have nothing to offer society" 11.30 am 6th January, 2022.
"Kill Her" 10.14 pm on 28th June, 2022.
"Does she carry a knife.? I want her to be armed. I wish to compromize her by getting her to stab somebody." 6.55 am on 6th July, 2022.
"What is happening here. Have ye any manners put on this one. Why isn't she co-operating." Between 8pm and midnight on 16th July, 2022.
"Is there a time study done on her." "No there is not." "You then can't claim"
"Detention" "We wouldn't get her in." "You are looking at a lucrative deal." 5.55am on 17th July, 2022.
"Yes. I am suggesting that you rape her if that's what you need to do to get her to be sexually active. " 1.06 am on 29th July, 2022.
"Stop this lady in her tracks." 5.40 am 29th July, 2022.
"No consent was given. You are going to have to explain yourself." "I will say I got a complaint." Did you." "No.".
7.10 am on 29th July, 2022.
"We want to control her speech patterns." "We can't control them unless she speaks differently which she doesnt." 12. noon on 21st August, 2022.
"You are going to format a system where I can obtain evidence." 11.28 am on 21st August, 2022.
"I was doing statutory drumming up information from the lady." 7.33 pm on 21st August, 2022.
"She wont know what hit her." 9.40 pm on 21st August, 2022.
"Can we install cameras in this woman's home" "No. We don't own the home." 6.48 am on 22nd August, 2022.
"We have been implanting men and women throughout the Republic of Ireland for dozens of years and we have been speaking to them through this system and disciplining them through this system. Now it is their turn to discipline us because the guards now know who we are."
"I can't get her to shut her eyes so I can then send in data into her brain." 4.24 am on 23rd August, 2022.
"Why isn't Gretta Fahey our property." 9.02 am on 23rd August, 2022.
"We can't go ahead with this one. She questions us all the time. 9.14 am on 23rd August, 2022.
"We dont allow celebacy." 3.55 am on 18th August, 2022.
"Designed to install a system inside her is not in our interests." 9.10 am on 21st August, 2022.
"Softly, softly, catch a monkey is not it because she tells everything to the public."
"We will dismember her some day." "We can't dismember her unless we immobilize and disempower her arms and legs."
"We were paid extra to frame her. "4.21pm 30th August, 2022.
"They can now manipulate her hips and we will soon be able to control her."
"She is after coming in from a walk and what is she doing in bed" 5.07 pm on 4th September, 2022.
"What did you give her in terms of finance." "Nothing. She is not one of us. She is a regular woman." "She didn't sign a security clearance" "No". 5.15 am on 6th September, 2022.
"Why haven't you made contact with her. " "We have no way of making contact with her because she doesn't socialize." 6.13 am on Tuesday, 6the September, 2022.
"I have invested money in her. I have paid staff to monitor her. " 1.38 pm 6th September, 2022.
"We will take your house off you." 9.22 am on 7th September, 2022.
"Turn up the heat on this one." 1.30 pm on 9th September, 2022.
"I can't code her because she is never in front of her computer." 10.30 pm on 11 September, 2022.
"Is she a selfish lover.?" "This question does not apply to Gretta because she is celibate." "There is no such phenomenon as celibacy because under our regeime everyone must be sexually active and married." I myself responded to that remark as follows:- "You are Luciferian and I don't agree with your point of view. I then heard the following from the same source :- "Is she anit-Luciferian." "Yes" "She will attend a seminar on Luciferianism." I responded as follows:- "I refuse to attend." The reply was "Then you won't exist."
Other comments which I heard from the same source are as follows:-
"She didn't switch off the heating in one room when she moved to a different room."
"If we succeed in worldwide takeover no one will be allowed to use pens but instead pencils."
"You are torturing a good woman inside her own home. " "Make no mistake, I will win out in the end."
"There is no breaker between us and Gretta Fahey."
"She will go missing, presumed dead." "Will she be dead." "No. She will be in one of our underground chambers."
"Is she churched." "No." "How do you get these candidates for these non-consensual torture programs. You couldn't have picked a worse protocol if you tried."
"Poor Hygiene." ( I dont have poor hygiene. I have excellent hygiene but all targeted individuals who are chronicling their day to day electronic harassment and psychological torture experiences inform online readers and viewers that they are also wrongly accused of having poor hygiene because those who braodcast messages into their heads receive payment for upsetting them by any means possible.
"Who let her into the system." " She is not in the system. We target her remotely without allowing her to know who we are or where we are located."
"I would stab you if you were in front of me."
"Don't ever bring someone that is hostile to the system here again."
"She is heavily systemized and nothing to show for it."
"Go and wash your teeth." ( This was said to me within minutes of me eating my dinner and I was about to make myself a cup of tea.)
"We are paid incrementally to make negative comments about you."
"We have paperwork here to say you sold your home and your signature is on it." ( Advances in brain weaponry allow unknown others to copy anyone's signature accurately and place it on legal documents without the consent of the victim. What should we do to counter this technological capability.)
"I didn't see her washing herself yesterday."
"How can we continue to showcase this lady as one of us when she clearly is not."
"She is in bed. I want to take a study of her when she is out and about. Can I get her to move."
"Who put voltage into this woman yesterday. Why did you put so much that she got a prolonged seizure."
"She escaped detection due to the fact that she has no television in her home."
"We dont care what we do to the occupant of the body. She is our property."
"She is not my client. She is my slave." "Have you paperwork which states that you own her."
"No. I haven't because we dont work like that."
"We want you to have your shower now."
"What kind or an organisation is this that allows a woman to be celebate."
"Paralysis of the right limb will be the outcome if we dont get the results we wish for."
"We would prefer to kill her than having her name names."
"Why was she in pain last night." "Because we have imbedded a good deal of information into her knee."
"She has a house all to herself. We couldn't get access to it. "
"I am infuriated by that."
"She spends too much time on her computer."
"She could be a bit lighter."
"Get her out of that house. There is nothing I can do while she is there."
"She is eating."
"No washing today."
"I thought I'd like her."
"Princess attitude."
"I was under the impression that we own all homes. If we don't we soon will."
"Why isn't she asleep."
"If she wants her legs she will go back to mass."
"When you wake up in the morning what do you do."
"It's taking her a while to log in."
"She won't be able to eat much when we control her. She won't be able to put her hand up to her lips to put food in."
"This exemplifies a system where we are exposed completely." (the worldwide control system)
"I would like to discipline her by lowering the amount of screen time she is allowed. Can I do that."
"She lives in her own family home alone." "Without stewardship" (Said at 7 mins past 4 am Irish time on 10the Dec, 21.)
"Abrupt withdrawal of services?" " No to Gretta Fahey. We have nothing to say about her yet."
"She has no routine."
"Stocktons Wing."
"Have we a perogative for this."
"We would never abandon this program even if Gretta Fahey gets back to full health because we are getting an enorous amount of money from experimenting on her."
"She lives alone and she has no family. What are we waiting for. Go out and pick her up and bring her in here now."
"She is in her own home"
"I dont care where she is . She has no right to live."
"She is going out to the yard now." (a running comentary of what I am doing sometimes.)
"Leckie Bill." (on one in Ireland ever uses the term "leckie bill which is slang for electricity bill in the north of England.")
One voice which was broadcast into my head said to one of their colleagues as follows "I was desperate to generate attitude." Their colleague responded as follows "It is not your job to generate attitude. It is your job to copy synonems."
"Is it under tenure." (I dont know what was meant by that.)
"Am I mind controlled programmed to hate Gretta Fahey. ?" "Yes."
"She is always feeding herself."
I myself said the following as follows:- "I will choose death rather than enslavement." Then a v2k voice responded as follows "You may as well go now then."
"We can't get into the works" "I'd get in." "You wouldnt get out alive." " O Jesus I would. I would make her head spin."
"I dont like this lady. I am happy to continue it."
"I will see her in hospital." "Why did you say you would see her in hospital." The response i heard was as follows "This is not appropriate. I am running late."
"I need to make money out of this one."
"Has she taken all her meals for the night."
"What does she talk to her doctor about."
"If you ate a little less you might be better off."
"If you lost some weight you might be better off."
"We wish to ascertain if she is good living or not."
"If we can bio-robotize her we can then make her do anything against her own will."
"It is an evil system. When can we remove her from it.?" "Never. You are all being placed on this or a similar system of control yourselves because you did not object to Gretta Fahey being placed on this system so we assume by that, that you have no problem with Gretta Fahey being placed on it."
"Go and have a shower now."
"Did anyone change the electricity readings in Gretta Fahey's home." "I did." " You brought the electricity bill up to double or treble the normal amount. " " I dont care. I dont like her. It serves her right." "YOu will sort it out" "No. I wont. I cant."
"We cant find anything on her. We are afraid we are going to lose our money."
"These people here are corner stones of correction officers." (That comment was heard by me at 5.29 am Irish time on 29th January 2022.)
"I forbid you to discuss the lifestyle of this woman." (One said to another in response to a comment the first one made about my activities. )
"I dont want this. This is not in my interests. Can we hide her somewhere." (said in response to interruptions to their work of experimenting on me against my will and without my consent.)
"She is jeopardizing our communication system by revealing everything we say to the public."
"She hasn't a right to control her own computer."
"The bicycle is the key thing that gives her joy. How can we damage it."
"They used wireless reconnissance to see if there are pathogens in her toilet room."
"I never heard anyone doing anything like that to someone before now."
"We are forensic scientists. This is what we do."
"She is no longer entitled to benefits."
"Of course I don't own this planet but my people own it.." "Who are your people" "They are Zionists, Jesuits and others and we are collectively known as Luciferians."
"We spent vast quantities of money accessing you and we got nothing out of it so far."
"Gang raping her. Would that be in order." "It would result in her death and possibly the deaths of all others present at the time."
"Do you rape women." "Yes. We train them into a system by raping them ourselves first."
"Put her on autoque and sent her in here now."
"Gretta Fahey has not been asked any questions recently. We ask the questions and then we provide the answers while claiming that they have come from Gretta. In fact, we ventriloquize Gretta in order to force the required answers out of her mouth."
"Is this woman a Christian." "No." "Will she be a christian." "No she wont." "We have a refuser here." "We are putting her through an endurance test." " What is that" "You'll see" " Trebornietsche."
"We haven't been honest with Gretta. We have removed her system from the web entirely. No one see's it only us."
"What condition is the lady in." "She is a fool."
"Death is the only option we have now."
I have included here some of what the unknown remote neural monitoring staff have been saying to me in the past few days as follows:-
"Stop asking us questions".
"She doesn't have a requirement for a fridge freezer." (My fridge freezer broke down and I was considering what I would purchase in order to replace it.)
"What did she eat now".
"She shouldn't be eating so many eggs."
"We don't want to send the intense pain until such time as we control the body."
"She uses the toilet too often."
"Unsubscribe her from the internet."
"I will take her credit card off her because of that manovure." (I gave the details of my cash card to a local supplier because I get goods from them on a regular basis and now I do not need to repeatedly give them the details of my cash card at every transaction. Those unknown others who are attempting to exert total control over my life from an unknown remote location appeared to be angry at my actions because they are now no longer in a position to dictate what food I purchase because they they do not now have access to my card).
"You wouldn't be able to kick me because I would control your leg muscles." ( Those who speak to me from a distance while remaining anonymous cowards often threaten to come to my home and to move in with me in order to control all aspects of my life. I am terrified of this ever happening so I informed one of them that if he ever came to my home I would kick him. ( I am paraphrasing because those were not my exact words because I also used swear words.)
"She is not our secretary."
"Fuck You. She will do what she is told."
I myself asked those who transmit their voices or simulations of their voices inside my head the following:- "Who was that?" One of them answered as follows "I dont know who it was. I was afraid to ask him." This was followed by another voice as follows:- "Since when is Gretta Fahey supposed to be your secretary" Another voice then answered as follows:- " I assumed we have the right to ask them to do simple jobs."
"We hate her but she responds by hating us even more. It is a hate hate relationship."
"Nobody will be allowed to be in a prone position during the day in the future." ( I was in bed in the afternoon.)
I myself said the following to one of those who transmits their voice inside my head as follows :-
"You are a meat bag full of s---. " They responded as follows "We can not work within these parameters."
The team were telling the supervisor what I had been doing over the last few days and the supervisor then was heard by me to say " I dont want to know about her because I dont want her to appear human."
At another time a voice said the following "No more lagresse for you." ( I do not know them and I do not receive lagresse from them and I have never done so and I never would do so in the future.)
"We could easily access her and pull her out of that house."
"She is remaining in her home most of the time so we cant access her."
"Is she sleeping around." (I am celibate.)
"Is she a drunk." "No. She is not." " I would prefer if you would allow me to decide that." ( I never drink alcohol.)
“Showing your arse to the men.” (I was alone in my yard and I bent down in order to free out a water channel that had become blocked.)
“We will take you down with that action, you stupid cunt.” ( I was alone in my yard and I held my hand behind my back in order to stop the perpetrators from place swirling energy around my nether regions which they often do because they wish to establish if I have any bladder or bowel problems which I am claiming disability allowance for.)
“My staff need to get readings of bowel anomalies so that we can verify that you have irritable bowel syndrome.”
“Put a marker on this system.”
“She shouldn’t be living alone for one thing. Should she?”
“Put an end to her life. That’s all I’m saying.”
“Well done. We have now got a system in place where we can now monitor her from inside for the rest of her life.”
“You haven’t eaten a banana in a while. Why don’t you eat a banana now.”
“Place her in a laughing frenzy”.
“We were there, eves dropping on the conversation through implants in the woman.” (this was spoken by one of the inner voices to one of their colleagues).
“We will demote her to a place of sanctuary inside her own body and we will use the body then.”
“Is it bio-robotization or auto-robotization?”
“We are attributing some things to Gretta that she didn’t say at all.”
“How dare you suspend my work without providing me with a reason. If you do that again I will inflict extreme pain on you”. (That was said because of the fact that I had just switched off my computer suddenly)
“There is an ongoing investigation into IBS policies. It is unoperational owing to the volume of information Gretta has put out about the procedure which is extremely cruel and which amounts to sixteen years of psychological torture.”
“A destruction mechanism is what we have in mind. We don’t want this woman Gretta to be in the world.”
“I am miterforming and it is not going well.”
“We haven’t been able to establish a platform in order to program Gretta into our way of thinking.”
“While we have wireless reach of somebody we can compromise them.”
“You will not get this out because I will block it.”
“It is not in our interest to leave her asleep because we lose money.”
“I used wireless remote means to switch her water distiller on and off while it was empty to the extent that it could have caused a house fire and now she gets her drinking water from another source which is outside our control”. “You should have left it alone. I am no longer getting the necessary procurements that come in tap water. Owing to the distillation process I was still getting a fair amount of the procurements necessary to carry out my work in bio-robotizing a human being. Now, however, it is not as easy to have this process carried out. The patterns are osculating without the necessary procurements.”
“There is a vast quantity of light coming in through the eyelids, distorting the images I am trying to sustain inside the brain of Gretta Fahey who is the occupant of the human body I am attempting to contain inside a fusion of energy.”
“There is nothing here that would allow me to claim dominance over this woman.”
“This information guidance system has not been allowed to prosper in Ireland. Why is this?”
“A housing licence is a licence which allows you to live where you are living. A housing licence is something which is due to be brought in over the next few years. If you are not granted a housing licence you will be asked to vacate whatever property you live in regardless of whether you own and control it or not.”
“She has been monitored inside her own home for many years. They get paid not in cash but in higher end merchandise.” (I then heard the following response from another neuro operative as follows) “The merchandise I get is not higher end. I collect it in Athlone in my own time after receiving the necessary paperwork which is sent to my home by currier.”
“Somebody else is governing her website.”
“Why have you taken governership of Gretta Fahey’s website.”
“Tasteless information coming through”. (I no longer keep a website because it was costing me 450 Euros per year but I have several copies of it at home, both in digital means on an external hard drive and physical print outs of it.)
“Why haven’t you programmed this woman to be aquiescent? I wish to purchase a slave.”
“We are not interested in monitoring your intestines. We are interested in monitoring your bowel.”
“We have an alternation every twenty minutes and we can’t work while the alternation is happening.”
“Where is the cheque for the Simon Community that was promised. I am the handler. I am entitled to say this. I am Gretta Fahey’s slave handler. Gretta Fahey will shortly be a slave. We have bio-robotized her.”
“I was told that I could get a measurement of bowel information from the toilet bowl but she keeps flushing the toilet so there is nothing there.”
“Suture her mouth.”
“Pitchfork in the heart is the way forward.”
The following are just a small sample of the questions the voice to skull direct communications asked me at the initial stages of the micro surveillance in order to build up a basic profile of me:-
⦁ Have you ever stolen any money, even a small amount?
⦁ Have you ever dated a married man?
⦁ Do you always wear your car seat belt?
⦁ Have you ever had a row with anyone on an internet forum?
⦁ What is the emotional atmosphere of your home like? Is it tense or pleasant?
⦁ What percentage of your income do you contribute to charity?
⦁ Do you do any voluntary work in your community?
⦁ Do you belong to an organised religion?
⦁ How much money do you spend on heating oil, annually?
If I did not answer respectfully, the direct voice communications would accuse me of showing hostility towards their staff.
On one occasion, when the voice to skull direct communications began making personal remarks about me, I heard one voice saying to some other voices “Stay within the subject matter. The police and military are monitoring this”.
On another occasion I heard a voice to skull direct communication say “The thread is spoilt because nobody went in and asked her anything”.
These voice to skull direct communications once told me that they had located a man who was willing to accuse me of breaking some law, provided they pay him a large sum of money. I asked what he would accuse me of, as I hadn’t done anything wrong. They replied “He is going to accuse you of anything we ask him to accuse you of”. On a number of occasions, they begged me to commit suicide, because they claimed to feel sorry for me, because of the torture that would be inflicted on me at some future date if I did not commit suicide immediately.
Often times the voice to skull direct communications would wake me up in the middle of the night to ask me questions, and to offer suggestions about how I might improve my life. Some of these people made disparaging remarks about me, and threatened me constantly. They described how they might cut my head off, or drown me in the cattle slurry tank in the farm where I live. At other times, they described how they might hang me, or bury me alive. They also claimed they would burn down my home. Initially, I would become deeply upset. Eventually, I became so used to their threatening tactics, their threats would roll off me like water off a ducks back. These voices once told me exactly what percentage of my time I had spent in bed over a five-year period.
The voice to skull direct communications once told me that they would abduct me from my home, then they would cut off my hands and my heels, so that I could never be able to escape them. These messages can be perceived as extreme psychological torture if they are transmitted to anybody who is totally unaware of the existence and abuse of directed energy weapons and voice to skull direct communications.
If a targeted individual ever wishes to pray, they will be answered by the voice to skull direct communications. These self-proclaimed elite criminals wish to totally destroy the inner landscape of the human being, so that we become completely outer directed. The voice to skull direct communications also told me that I had been chosen as the Irish candidate for electrostatic submersion.
I believe that I had been linked to remote neural monitoring technology, which is a method of having my brain linked, to advanced technology, which is controlled by a neuroscientist or other perpetrator. These neuroscientists would frequently communicate messages to me via the voice to skull direct communication system. What other targeted individuals forget to mention is the fact that this technology doesn’t just communicate messages. It communicates the emotions of the person communicating the messages. Sometimes, messages would be relayed to me in a non-emotional way. Other times, the level of hatred that the perpetrator felt towards me would hit me with full force, leaving me shaking by the intensity of it. A rumour has been put forward online that the voices which are being transmitted to targeted individuals are voices which are being generated by a super computer, and that artificial intelligence has got out of control. I strongly disagree with this. The voice to skull direct communications are generated by real people, because I have felt their strong emotions when they speak to me.
On one occasion, I went on a distilled water fast, for health reasons. While I was on the fast, the wireless voice to skull military communication transmitted voices were heard to say, “The subject is fasting today, on distilled water. We are taking samples of the fluids in her spleen”. I also heard the following “Gastric juices have been subdued due to fasting. We are able to take measurements that we are not normally able to take”.
On another completely separate occasion, after I had just eaten my dinner one day, a voice , which was generated into the centre of my cranium by the use of voice to skull military communication technology said “I could not detect what the subject has just eaten. The food was cooked to such an extreme degree that I failed to analyse its contents with the use of my stomach and bowel contents analysis technology. ” At the same time that I was hearing this being said, I also felt strong swirling energy circulating around the region of my stomach.
One reason why I am being micro surveilled on a minute by minute basis, is because the people behind the would-be criminal control system are attempting to set up a points system for each member of society, based on your minute by minute behaviour each day. Their future plan would be to attempt to fully automate this points system, and to include every member of the human race in this micro surveillance and analysis system, and to allow this surveillance and control grid to run by itself, by artificial intelligence. WE CAN STEP DOWN THIS SYSTEM TO A LOCAL LEVEL ALMOST INSTANTLY BY THE SIMPLE ACT OF DISMANTLING THE MOBILE CELL PHONE TOWERS
Please put a stop to the use of weapons which can upload and download to and from the human brain and body now. Many people are suffering torture because of this technology and psychiatrists who appear to be under some type of electronic subjugation are refusing to believe us. My name is Gretta Fahey aka Margaret Mary Fahey and my postal address is Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland. My landline home phone number is 094 9360901.


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