The Six Steps necessary to Merge a Human with the Brain Internet.

1. DNA signature of victim.
2. Brain Signal Acquisition Software or Brain-Computer Interface technology
(eg. Mushu used in Python).
3. Nanotechnology inserted into the victim by means of injection.
4. Close proximity of the victim to Wi-Fi connected devices that contain the victims name and information.
5. Constant exposure to Wi-Fi fields to send and recieve data.
6. Weaponize EMF signals to affect brain functioning of politicians and the police and the military in order to quell their suspicions that wireless electronic crimes are being committed against their fellow men and women.

People that wear or are in close proximity to online devices that contain their name are at risk of hackers obtaining their genetic code and other information. They then could target us, use hypnosis and/or torture, inject us and turn us into a mind-controlled slave.
Those who are unwillingly connected to the brain internet are being falsely accused of being mentally ill by others who are being paid to cover up this crime of wireless electronic torture and enslavement against them.

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  • I was sent to the mental hospital in NC in 2019 by the South Korean perps and some Americans. I could not endure the S. Koreans' atrocious torture ,so went to the INTER- shelter( of course I asked for help, but no help, this crime no left visible evidence) , But they knew the place where I was going and presumably there might be any deal or something between the shelter and the perps. The staff told me that they could not accept but there were good place for me- she did not mention the place to be a Mental Hospital, just said, good place.
    After hospitalization, I was said that I could not leave the hospital, needed the doctor's permission. So I should be at the hospital. But after I came to know that they lied to me . If the patient want , she can leave the hospital any time!!! More worse than that, they said that they needed my family's visit and signing in order to leaving the hospital. Horrible !!! No human right!! corruption!!
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