The new world order cabal and their allies control governments, organised religions, monarchies and secret societies at the very top level. In politics they manipulate us into believing that we have a choice of two parties to choose from but it doesnt matter which political party we choose because they control both parties at the top level and they introduce opposing views simply as a distraction while they carry on making major decisions behind the scenes which are never allowed to be discussed in government. In religion they tell us that christianity is good and satanism is evil and we aught to choose one of those two. In reality, both christianity and satanism are profoundly evil systems both of which the new world order cabal control so dont choose any of them ever. Walk away from the new world order cabal and their trickery.
I am reposting the following online post which I posted online a few days ago in order to further explain what I mean about christianity being evil as follows:-
The Coronation of a King or Queen, the bestowing of titles, the turning of a wafer made of rice into the body of Christ, the creating of a Pope, the Canonization of a Saint and all of the religious sacrements including the sacrement of matrimoney are simply acts of mesmerism. Nothing of a supernatural nature actually takes place during any of these acts of mesmerism other than the willingness of those in attendance to believe that something of a supernatural nature has actually taken place. Furthermore there is nothing inside a tabernacle. It is simply an elaborately decorated box painted with gold paint and given an impressive name in order to mesmerise the gullable into believing that it contains something supernatural. It is simply and empty box. The Pope has no spiritual authority. Charles Windsor is an ordinary man who occasionally wears a crown and lots of idiots stand around him while singing 'God Save the King'.
Acts of mesmerism are being successfully carried out by the skilled use of elaborate posturing, the required wearing of extravagent costumes, the required solemnity of those present, the use of incense and candle light, opulent surroundings, combined with the power of suggestion and by other means in order to hold those in attendance spellbound. Furthermore, electromagnetic frequencies and electromagnetic pulses are now being transmitted by means of our television sets into the homes of television viewers to further the acts of mind control programming being performed on the masses by entraining their brains into states of heightened excitement or fear during certain television programs such as during transmissions about possible pandemics.
Religion is the suppression of free thought. Those who belong to an organised religion have their minds locked inside a mental prison for the entirely of their lives so that evil men can control their lives. Controllers of organised religions discourage us from using logic.
Christians celebrate the re-enactment of a brutal human sacrifice on an alter every day because they are mentally preparing us for the re-introduction of human sacrifice in the future if Satanism is ever allowed to take over our thinking. Satanic Ritual Abuse and ritual human sacrifice are being used to create intense fear in slaves so that they will never attempt to leave their enslavement. Stay away from all re-enactments of brutal human sacrifices.
If God had become man he would have had to squat down on the ground and excrete waste matter and urine every day. How likely is it that the creator of all would come and live on one of his planets and excrete waste matter on it on a daily basis. It is not likely to have happened.
The Bible supports slavery, bigotry, sexism and other human rights abuses.
Steps being used by evil doers to taking over a country is to first of all intellectually dumb them down, then render them chronically ill, impoverish them and take over their main stream media. All of these have been done to us so we must fight back urgently.
The story of Jesus has numerous parallels with other ancient Gods such as Horus, Attis, Kirshna, Dionysys and Mithra, to name a few. They were all born on the 25th December, by a virgin birth. They all had twelve deciples and performed miracles. They were all eventually crucified, died for three days and were then resurrected. You will find information to confirm that in a book called ' 16 Crucified Saviours or Christianity before Christ' by Kersey Graves.

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