Ethnic British and Italian Billionair or Trillionair Rosefield and Rockefeller murder family members are the murders who married Wilson Green and Wilson Green's colleges who raped children including ethnic minority children when they were young and repeated what they did when they were young. Wilson Green and Wilson Green’s colleges (whose names were mentioned in the Hearing on March 15, 1995 organized by President's Advisory Committee for torture and bullying children physically and sexually in 50s-70s in name of training secret agents and studied focused electromagnetic radiation in 60s) were not physically killed at all. They are those masterminds blocking exposing secrets and turning murdering into entertainments.

They murdered president Kennedy in 1964. They murdered President Johnson in 1971 using focused electromagnetic weapon. They stopped the development of Science and technology for over 40 years. There were no major findings in the last 40 years while there were plenty major findings in the 40 years before 1975, including Atomic Bomb, Nuclear Plant, Satellite, Semiconductors, Computers, Wireless communications (handphone etc.) Lasers.

Please do 3 things for us who might have been murdered mentally or physically after everyone on earth knowing Remote Surgery and Remote Mind Control (1) Do same surgery on those who did remote electromagnetic Surgery on others especially on their bosses to prohibit remote surgery abuses; (2) build memorial buildings in every country and engrave stories of heroes on walls for those murdered or disabled due to exposing remote surgery and remote mind control to encourage youngsters to do the right things; (3) delete names of bad people who did bad things to humankind from buildings, School names, foundations, movies etc, use numbers to replace their names. For instance use Evil 001 in 2nd World War to replace Adolf Hitler; Use Evil 001 in CIA mind Control Crisis to replace Rockefeller if Rockefeller family controlled mind Control FIRM was true to discourage doing bad things to leave names in history. 

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