To read the minds of an entire planet....

In order to read the minds of everyone on the entire planet so that its efficient and technologically pheasible, look at the things that are in the open and cant be hidden, but can be lied about.

Here's the lowdown as i presume it to be. It makes sense. 

Global Aerosols are being sprayed constantly (very heavily and regularly since about 2000) these are nano-metals, conductive especially when electrified via HAARP. This is not a microchip.The implantation is for tracking you specifically by drone or aircraft that stays in flight forever. They change them out ocassionally.

It is how to read everything. You blanket the environment with metal, charge it up, and then read it all day and night, to see how it changes. Specifically,  to see how our EM  

WAVES interfere with the electrified plasma. This can also be used to change dreams,  induce a spiritual state, etc. If you perturb the waves by injecting false ones via hardwre, then your reality is changed. We are all experiencing this altered reality now. Some with the voices added via different hardware. So..

this is a multi-faceted,  multiple technology, interconnected deceit...

The people have done gene therapy to themselves and are wicked to the core.

If you want to believe in aliens, im not denying this either, but let's start with what we can prove or disprove.

The debt the USA is in right now begins to make sense in a global way.

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