tortured to death 7-3-15

terrible day as was woken up to horrific torture to a dead leg yet again and have tortured me to death all day, to legs and feet, stomache and heart and v2k so strong to make me go insane is their latest craze
they are saving me a fortune as hardly eat and when i do its toast is all i eat at the moment due to horrific torture, can walk abit today but torturing legs so bad i wont be able to later on and most likely be crippled
again. they are really torturing me so strong to make me leave the flat and spend my money which is pissing the police force off as they want me with nothing and down and out as this aint even prison anymore, its not
surrviving either, its just the worst nightmare ever and its getting worse as the torture is upped 1000% each day to kill me or make me take my own life as they torture the fuck out of my legs and hips and feet, stomache
and heart
in a severe bad way and cant eat yet again

torturing me to death as was wayching a film, have had to turn it off as the torture is insane to kill me as the police want me to leave my flat and spend my money and the torture to my whole body has made me drip with sweat
am shaking violently now and wont last much longer as they are trying to kill me big time, the pressure to my heart is insane and the shaking is outraqgeous that am also tortured to talk to myself and screaming all day so far
and crying reallly bad

worst torture of my life and life threatening as had to strip off as soaked from horrendous torture cos the police want me dead, never shaken so much in all my life, thrown my tablets away due to the torture and staying up all night tonight
as they try to make me so tired and so bored as had to turn a film off, the tortures that bad, they wont stop till i am dead this weekend
screaming the flat down

torturing the fuck out of my throat and face

torturing my eyes aswell as heart, legs and feet so severe thats leaving me dripping in sweat and screaming and crying and they do it to make me so tired too

made to lose it big time and tortured me that bad am nearly crippled yet again and cant even go out side at all, told everytime i sit down they will torture me to death as they are torturing the fuck out of my feet, legs and heart, they are trying
to give me a fatal heart attack

screaming all day as torture to heart, feet and legs gets very serious now, they are torturing to get off the chair and wont let me watch a film either, the police are trying to kill me before the weekend is out

made to lose it as torture increases to kill me, havent eaten yet again and now three weeks without hardly any food at all, thats how much the police want me dead
screaming and crying

thrown out last of pills

torturing me to death to make me talk to myself as the police have upped the torture yet again,near enough knaked all day as am dripping in sweat for past 24 hrs
in a severe bad way and the days are getting worse, am tortured to death to leave my flat in a state as can hardly walk at all still, they are torturing the fuck out of my
feet which are killing me aswell as my legs which have been tortured to death for over 3 months solid with no stopping and torture upped to kill me and the police have
said they will kill me and that i should hurry up and die

crippled from horrific torture thats left me that i cant even stand up as the police are torturing me to die


tortured to death to lose it, am so very very sore as they up the torture so i cant even have a piss and that i shit myself until i do as i am told the torture is going to get worse,
the coventry police and coventry city council are trying to kill me
screaming and crying

tortured me to death so bad that i am so so sore and cant walk at all as the police have upped the torture so bad that i will be lucky to make it to the drs and will lose my job next
week after 18 years as cant make it to the drs to get drs notes, they are forcing me to have that much fear that i kill myself as the police dont want me to live anymore and will
be lucky to last this weekend, never shaken so bad as i have today and they are torturing my legs and feet to death to scream all day as i have done today and cried all day as the
police are torturing me to death to do as i am told or face a life of pure hatred torture till the torture kills me as they want me in hospital before the weekends out

they are driving me insane

torturing the fuck out of my left ear so that i have to keep touching it as they are going full hog into killing me

severe pains and worst ever to left leg and its to cause a heart attack

they are torturing me to death to also get so tired because they want me asleep before police shift change at 10pm, they torturing mind to make it so tired and still torturing my legs and feet
to death so bad that its surpassed being sore now as cant stand on feet or stand up and bend my knees , the torture is that bad and also torturing my heart, so bad that its killing me
screaming and crying

torturing me to death to scream and cry as the police are livid that i havent given up the internet and they are really killing me so bad as the torture is non stop and getting worse so bad that
i am crippled and never been so sore in all my life as my legs are far too sore to touch and they wont leave me alone as the police want me asleep before 10pm every night, police change over
so they dont have to babysit me all night, to save money and to make me do as the police tell me to do
outrageous police brutality and wont survive much longer

they are torturing me that bad ive had to take all my clothes off as dripping with sweat, thats how bad i am tortured to death by police so that they want me to kill myself and are trying to also set me up
to talk to myself aswell, the torture is frightening and its to put that much fear into a human being and thats what the police do in the uk to kill people off or to make them kill themselves

now torturing my whole body and made to choke as struggling to breathe, torture to legs upped dramatically. screaming

made to scream really bad as the police are trying to kill me as they wont let me sleep and now stressing me out severe 24 hrs a day
screaming and crying

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