Truth or not?

So in the 70s they can easily do B2B EEG mapping. This tech is in the hands of corupt garbage. He in my opionion worked for the CIA and got access to this tech. He being occasion mapped profoundly retarded and quadrapelgics to some TIs who belong to minorty groups. He convienced these pathetic people they can live their lives like in the movie Avatar where a handicap person takes on an Avatar. My guess if you were quadrapelgic who can move his eyes it would be appealing. Now this person who did this pride is swelled beyond comprehension. Why? Because in 60s he had access to tech that to rhis date is still more advance than tech in 2019. For example remote control animals and insects in the 60s would make a person think that Noahs Ark was fake. It might even swell a persons head so much with pride that he thought he was better than others. Almost God like. Also though there was true CIA experimentation besides electronic rape. Thats why you see many other victims from different ethnicities. To clarify electronic rape is rape. The person EEG mapped B2B to the victim feels everything when you have sexual intercourse. Its rape and this garbage is a serial rapist and murder!!!
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