Only evil needs to lie; Only Evil needs to twist by reversing someone's statements, because only Evil do brain surgery secretly remotely, only Evil study and use mind control. Twisting only helps those bad people who do brain surgery secretly using focused electromagnetic energy, turning normal people into moron robots. Humanbeings protect humankind by making the whole world know what is remote surgery and what is remote mind control.

Twisters are 100% only helpers to Mafia Tycoon Rockefeller family Evils. You could never fool evils. You are only fooling good ones. You are damaging the good humanbeings who are the only hope of saving humankind and saving your own lives.

 Those who mind control FA LUNG GONG protestors: you are such twisters. Without garbage like you, the secrets about remote surgery and remote mind control had been exposed long long time ago.

 Mafia Tycoon Eileen Rockefeller chose you was because you would help her to kill everyone who know secrets with no cost to themselves (Rockefeller family). Why did you try to help the killers to prove killing you would benefit humankind? Why didn’t you give those who know you or your relatives a chance and a reason to be proud of you 30 or 50 years later after the whole world knowing what really happened today?





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