The Jesuits have directed their agents to put nano-technology inside all people of the world by means of vaccine under the guise of there being a dangerous worldwide pandemic.
The nano-technology then self-assembles inside the human body forming an intra-body nano-network thereby giving endless potential for those who indirectly work for the Jesuits to bio-manipulate or to wirelessly torture all those who have been injected with nano-technology without or without their knowledge or consent.
The goal of the Jesuits is to be able to wirelessly torture to death anyone who does not bow down to the leader of the Jesuits, the Pope of Rome. Another goal of the Jesuits is that the people of the world would own nothing, they would rent everything they use even their clothing, and that the Pope of Rome would own everything on earth and would be treated as God. We may be able to use pulses of magnetic energy to destroy the nano-technology inside us. Please share this information widely.

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