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Update of my personal experience: (and let me start with the funniest thing ever…even while I am writing this, the V2K algorithm signals are being sent “saying” things like: “now you’re going to die” , “we will cut your head off” , “now we are going to break in” and MANY MANY others… I mean just absolutely insane ones…and I call it “funny” because these sick degenerates are targeting and experimenting on innocent people and slowly killing them, US, and at the same time they are expecting you to be silent and just take it…) Well, I don’t think so. And I will not call us victims because that would indicate that we are weak, but we get shot every day, we are being tortured and unimaginable things are being done to us and YET we are still here and strong and fighting, while these sick creatures (I won’t call them animals because I love animals and they are definitely ‘not humans’) are sitting in the perverted prison of they mind that they have created for themselves, behind their computer in “safety” (or so they think) pressing buttons. Who’s the prisoner then?! But anyway. My V2K experience is every day and NON STOP and strangely it affects me less and less* so now they are playing with the frequencies, they turn it down to very low frequency which comes across as “whispering” while I am listening to something with my headphones in, trying to prevent me any mind/brain from relaxing. And even that usually doesn’t work! I am telling you this to say that I probably get the worst and most inhuman version of the “Voice to Skull” non-sense BUT EVEN THEN IT IS TOTALLY POSSIBLE TO TRAIN YOUR MIND TO DISREGARD IT. This is how: learn everything about V2K so you won’t be scared of it and you know exactly what it is. Train your mind. Useful sources: audiobook: The Greatest Secret and You Can Heal Your Life (these have nothing to do with any of this but these are very powerful and positive programmes and if you listening to them on a loop, it overrides all the non-sense they are sending into your head). Btw even while I am writing this, I am being shot at, so if I make spelling mistakes, sorry. 🙈 Another way to step out from the victim role, SYSTEM JUDO (source: Dr. Kathrine Horton). Basically use the force and energy of EVERYTHING they do to you and turn it back against them. For example, for every attack, contact a human rights charity and share your story, for every V2K bullsh*t, send a tweet of the link of a respectable source of evidence what all this is about, to a news channel, an online magazine, your favourite celebrity or any other source basically, your government, etc… so you don’t feel beaten down from the attacks, but take them and turn them into a weapon against them! Not (just) as revenge but as tools to protect yourself, help others and raise awareness, move forward. Do not forget, despite everything they do to you, YOU DO HAVE THE RIGHT TO DEFEND YOURSELF. And if you are scared what might happens to you if you do this: Don’t be afraid what’s going to happen to you if you act and exercise your RIGHTS, be afraid who/what you become if you don’t! If you need PROFESSIONAL HELP from an EXPERT, search for Dr. Kathrine Horton, the head of the investigation team. She has detailed YouTube videos how to restore your life step by step.

And this is just my personal opinion, but do not despise the police. Most of them are good people who are there to help. And this goes to the general public too. All these insane experimental methods that are being used on you are based on separating you from any source of help, trick your mind to make you think and believe that you are alone and there’s is nowhere to go. THIS IS A LIE, and not even close to be true. There are very high profile people, even former secret intelligence agents who became whistleblowers upon learning the horrible crimes they are committing against humanity. EVERY SINGLE VOICE MATTERS!!! Do something, whatever you are comfortable with, no matter how small it is. Ask for help, from people you trust. If they don’t believe you, show them the story and work of Dr Kathrine Horton (YouTube or Google) or sit down and rationally explain it. (leave out religion and God and stuff like that, narrow it down to the actual facts). For example show them the 2021 protest video of the “TI” community in which people are sharing their stories on camera (you can find this video on here). Or explain to them, when a black helicopter flies over you over and over and over again to shoot you (AN INNOCENT PERSON) with DEW, who pays for that?! Them?! I don’t think so. YOU DO! And the person who doesn’t believe you, the one who says to you: “you are imagining all of this” with his/her hard earned tax many. Is that person okay with that too?! Still says “oh this is not real” or “whatever, it’s not my problem because it doesn’t happen to me”?! Just because we  “only” know about tens of thousands of people around actually knowing and experiencing this, doesn’t mean they don’t use these methods on EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US.


That’s all for now. I hope by sharing all this, I can help some of you. That’s my goal. Remember, you are stronger than any of these degenerates ever could be. Go out, live, and connect to Nature. Btw… did you know that walking bare foot on the grass (or on the Earth, so not concrete) removes the harmful radiation from the body?! Search for “how to protect yourself from radiation” on Google and you will find the scientific explanation.


Okay, bye for now, MUCH LOVE! ❤️

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