USA Racist Civil War

US racists are planning to start a new civil war. They plan to green screen all our news with fake ai generated content or take down the internet and zip tie key officials/people and keep them hostage in underground shipping containers. They have bred pit bulls for killing humans. They have dug pits where they keep hungry dogs and feed live humans to. Most humans are of african descent. They are led by a mental deranged person at the top who has his own agenda. Some have jackets made of human skin and oils made from the scalp of african humans. They paint their faced black and apply oils and where these jackets acting like black people. Their network comprises of French Canadians because of hate for British rule, Germans, Polish, Americans, some Canadians, *South Americans (Brazil, Argentina, Uragway, *Mexico, Iran, Mughal muslims, and many more. Their crimes are unthinkable. They have the highest level technology .
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