I am being subjected to remotely conducted neurological research which I have not consented to. It is being carried out on me by unknown evil doers who transmit digital signals into either nano or micro technology inside my body and brain. This research being conducted on me has been ongoing for more than twenty years. It invovles the transmission of data to the visual cortex, auditory cortex and sensory cortex of my brain among many other unwanted experiences. I regularly write about my unwanted experiences and I then post my writings to many social media sites on a continual basis in order to warn the men and women of the world about what type of wireless and invisible attacks are now possible to experience without ever knowing who the attackers are.
Tonight, on 8th May, 2023, at three am G.M.T., I was made to experience momentarily losing all sensation in my right hand, my right arm and my right shoulder. The ability to feel my right hand, arm and shoulder came back again almost immediately. Those who conduct brain and body experiments on me have once in the distant past caused me to momentarily lose all sensation in my entire body. The ability to feel my entire body came back against instantly. I have also felt loss of sensation on my left side on several other occasions but not an instantaneous loss of sensation on those occasions. Instead, what I have experienced on those other occasions is the experience of loss of sensation moving around my body slowly as if someone was moving an object around my body and everywhere it went I would feel a momentary loss of sensation to that area. I did not know how to describe this in words in the past because I was very frightened anytime that I experienced it so I wrongly described it in the past as interference of the energy field of my body which is known as the bio-field or the aura.
This is only one of many unwanted experiences which I am being made to experience by those unknown evil doers who conduct brain and body research on me from an unknown remote location while they themselves remain anonymous cowards. Other unwanted experiences which I experience are direct voice communications which I hear coming from inside my head which are sometimes known as voice to skull or microwave hearing or synthetic telepathy, and I also experience seeing moving images inside my head, holograms in my bedroom, all types of sensations on the surface of my skin including the sense of being touched, pain, electric shock, and forced muscle movement. I also experience sleep deprivation. Those who conduct brain and body experiments on me can partially control me as if I am a mechanical robot. They can control my brain to such a degree that they can force me to speak words and phrases and whole sentences against my will and they can force some of my body parts to move against my will. I am very frightened of this and I gain some relief from the fear I feel by constantly writing about my experiences and placing those writings on line. I have found this type of journaling to be very therapeutic.
When I speak and write about these experiences I am then sometimes asked if I take drugs or drink alcohol but I do neither of these things ever. I am totally clear thinking at all times and I am never under the influence of any type of alcohol or drugs. I am also not superstitiuos and I don't ever give my experiences supernatural meanings because they are all easily achievable by means of remotely conducted brainwave science.
I have also been asked if I get paid for writing my posts and making videos of my experiences and the answer to that is no. I do not get paid for writing these posts and making vidoes of my unique experiences which I have placed on line in many social media sites. I do it for free because I find it therapeutic to write about it and I also wish to warn members of the general public about it.
I am placing my name and address and phone number here on this post, not to receive phone calls from any member of the public which I don't wish to receive but simply to verify my identify because a wireless crime of extreme proportions is being conducted on an ongoing basis against me. I no longer report the matter to the police who are also known as the Gardai because I no longer trust them. In my opinion their brains have been interfered with by electronic mind control programming or by some other means and they can no longer be trusted by myself or by other targeted individuals of wireless crime because wireless crime which uses silent and invisible directed energy is widespread and the police have never warned the public about it on any occasion wever which means that they are neglecting their duty to all members of the public who they have promised to protect and serve.
My name is Gretta Fahey aka Margaret Mary Fahey and my postal address is Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland. My landline home phone number is 094 9360901.

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