I am a non-consensual and extremely unwilling subject of electronic voices and other digital signals being broadcast into my brain and body and I frequently write about my unwanted experiences.  Nearly everyone now has injectable bio-sensors inside them and you too can be electronically harassed if you annoy the wrong people.
Here is a small selection of what those who broadcast their voices or simulations of their voices into my head have broadcast to me recently by wireless means and it is achieved wirelessly and remotely by means of me hearing their messages being vocalized and being heard by me from a location inside my head.
"We are not interested in this lady." "Yes. We are very much interested in this lady. The government want to know what is going on with her and we have to come up with a story." (Those who speak to me by direct means to a location inside my head have just now informed me that they are the intelligence services who are linked to the Irish government but the Irish government are not aware that the intelligence services who are linked to them have direct voice communication capabilities which is also known as Remote Neural Monitoring combined with REmote Neural Manipulation as well as a variety of other names such as voice to skull or microwave hearing and someone should tell them this by writing today". A voice to skull voice also asked the following now "Will you email them with this information Gretta."
"Is there anything we can do to put Gretta Fahey into a state of distress" "Why" "Because it weakens people when they are distressed."
"I dont really like her." 5.11 on 10th Nov. 22.
"We don't want you eating food." 9.55 pm 10th Nov. 22.
"What is she doing."
"I would love to analyse this woman's crotch." (this was heard by me at 4.41 am Grenwich mean time on 12th November, 2022. and the reason I am publishing it is because I find such things very upsetting and I wish to expose whoever said it to me so that is why I am publishing the time, date and time zone in which it was said)
"She didn't eat much." "She ate loads" 8.04 am 11th Nov. 2022.
"I don't want to stop her getting bicycle tools." "She doesn't need any more bicycle tools." 8.14 am 11th Nov. 22.
"I am the co-ordinator of the program that sends voices into Gretta Fahey's head." 4.20 pm 11th Nov. 22.
"This lady is a junk food eater." 11th Nov. 22
"Is Gretta Fahey still there." "Yes." "Why can't I communicate with her now" 11th Nov. 22.
"Tie her up. You aught to be able to tie her up by now" 8.20pm 11th Nov.22. (immobilization of muscles can be achieved by remote wireless means if the subject has previously been injected with injectable technology.)
"No sugar in her diet, did you say." 10pm 11th Nov. 22. (This was said in a sarcastic voice because I normally stay away from sugar but I had eaten some at that time)
"I hacked into her brain and she was then discourteous towards me so I then hacked in further to make her understand that these situations don't go away."
"We have plenty of people on the ground and yet you don't access her. Why is that." 11.18am 12th Nov. 22
"If I was beside you now I'd kick you."
"Close the door because we don't want our property being ventured into." ( This was said to me in relation to the fact that I was out in the back garden of my home and I had not closed the back door of my home because I live in a very quite crime free rural village (other than wireless remote controlled crime which is plentiful) and I don't need to worry about anyone intruding into my home while I am in my back garden. However, the individual who broadcast that message into my head wrongly believed that he and his criminal gang owned my home which they don't. My home is my family home and it was built by my grandfather without a morgage in approximately 1912 and I legally have the right of residence in it until I die. 1.50 pm on 12th Nov. 22.
"Have a small bit of respect for yourself" 6.11 pm 12th Nov. 22. This was communicated to me because I was screaming in order to try to stop the unknown criminals electronically harassing me by sending signals to my nether regions from an unknown remote location and while at the same time communicating messages into my head wirelessly and remotely.
"It doesn't provide you with the right to interract in this manner." (That voice message appeared to be coming from someone who had taken my side and was castigating the sender of the previous direct communication message for electronically harassing me in the matter that he had been doing.)
"Her home is not the place for this lady. I wish to see her out in the open in a place where all can see me torture her." 12th Nov. 2022 sometime between 9 and 12 midnight.
"She needs to use the toilet." (When a human subject is unwillingly being remote neural monitored by unknown criminals, those criminals who are doing the remote neural monitoring can tell from their screens if the subject feels pressure on the bowel or bladder and can inform their colleagues or they can mock the subject about it.)
"You are eating too much." "How can we stop her putting out those posts and videos online informing the public what we say and do to her." 6.35pm on 13th Nov. 22.
"Who thinks up these questions for Gretta Fahey" "I dont like your tone of voice" ( This was the response which was received by the one who posed that question possibly from the one who thinks up some of the questions which I am continually being asked.)
"We are being paid to monitor this lady. Why is that" "Because she is dirty." "We are not saying she is dirty all the time. We are simply saying that she is dirty occasionally" This was responded by another individual who was heard by me to say the following "No. We are all dirty occasionally. She is dirty all the time."
"She likes to urinate alot." "She does. Yes."

My name is Gretta Fahey aka Margaret Mary Fahey and my postal address is Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560,  Republic of Ireland.  I am telling the truth and I have made approximately 250 videos about this electronic harassment and psychological torture which I have been experiencing for more than nineteen years ever since the spring of 2003. 

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