Walter Cronkite & others, view of the 'new world order',Full article at 'Citizens That Know'Knowing, as I do, now, that it is foolish to buy into the personas or appearances of anything presented by the media, I find myself questioning whether to trust 'ol' Walt', the fatherly gent who used to reliably deliver the news to us right in our living rooms. Doesn't he sound like the depressive men that came of age in the 1950's, coming out of WW II and getting the jobs, the homes and starting families? Many of us born into this era, were handed off to MKUltra programs. Maybe it was a suave, serious, familiar sounding depressive and everyman like ol' walt who sealed the deal, convincing unsuspecting citizens, and now war veterans, that they were acting to support the common good against the Russians, 'facists' or other mean, nasty dictatosr from getting technological edge over the good ol' US of A? Did Walt report on Operation Paperclip?This man has just gotten top headlines simply for dying at a ripe old age, instead of committing suicide like a lot of citizens whose lives are destroyed by neighborhood vigilantes. Well, maybe we better pause and look at this and see what this media identity really was delivering to the American public.
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