You are being programmed through your smart phone to accept a socialist platform for worldwide control where one human being would own and control every living being throughout the earth and that same human being would be a worldwide slavemaster and we as his slaves would be wirelessly attached by our central nervous systems to his central super computer control system. If we dared to challenge his false authority he could wirelessly torture or eliminate us and he could achieve this from his desk top computer.
At the moment, if you walk through an airport terminal the security cameras there can identify you by facial recognition or by recognition of your unique energy imprint or by several other means. They can then generate a number of details about you from their data banks. If you have ever done anything to challenge the false authority of central controllers you would be then apprehended and detained at the will of unknown false authority figures. If you are unaware of these advances in technological capabilities it is because individuals such as yourself and most of the rest of the men, women and children of the world who have been pinpointed as future slaves are not likely to be warned in advance of that.
Now, however, a new solution has been found to hold back the incremental slide into worldwide enslavement. If each visitor to an airport terminal were to carry rolls of repelling magnets in their pockets the forcefield being generated by each roll of repelling magnets would render the ability of the facial recognition technology or the unique energy imprint technology unable to identify you. You would return to enjoying your right to privacy and anonymity while out in public. We must all carry rolls of repelling magnets in our pockets from now on in order to halt our slide into technological enslavement which has been planned for us for multi generations. The late United States President John F Kennedy warned us that there was a plot to enslave all of us approximately ten days before he was assisinated.
If you are uninformed about the topic of our impending technological enslavement please read a very valuable book called "Artificial Intelligence Dangers to Humanity" by Cyrus A. Parsa. However, I disagree with Cyrus A Parsa in his belief that it is artificial intelligence who are attempting to technologically enslave us because I strongly believe that all technology is actually being programmed in advance by agents of dark occultists who would remain outside the worldwide hierarchical based chain of command. It has been claimed that they have purchased large tracts of land in Madagascar as well as the claim that Madagascar has never been sprayed with biologicals, chemicals and nano technology unlike almost every other country throughout the world.
We should disassemble and ban HAARP phased arrays as well as GWEN towers, microwave antennas and 5G millimeter wave antennas as soon as we have finished raising awareness of the widespread but covert crime of in-home remotely administered wireless torture.

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