Ever since teams of no-touch torturers were given the use of directed energy weapons they have all become megalomaniacs and they have begun to play God with the lives of the rest of us.  They can no no-touch torture most if not all of their fellow men and women at will while they themselves remain at a distance and remain anonymous cowards.   They issue orders and then if those orders are disobeyed the no-touch torturers can transmit pain, electric shock, paralysis or a number of other punishments to the unwilling and non-consenting victim who may live hundreds or thousands of miles away from them.    I am a victim of no-touch torture and I have been so for more than nineteen years and I do not know who my torturers are but they are able to broadcast voices and other data directly into my head from unknown remote locations while they remain anonymous cowards.   I don't ever socialize with strangers so I know that I have never met any of them ever.  My name is Gretta Fahey aka Margaret Mary Fahey and my postal address and current location is Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560,  Republic of Ireland.    We have become embedded with heavy metals and nano technology which has fused with our muscles and organs which makes it possible for others to torture us remotely by means of microwave weapons provided they know our unique brain signature which they obtain by first of all obtaining a sample of our DNA which they can possibly do from our blood donations or from our laboratory blood tests.   The no-touch torturers have no real power because if we managed to clear our bodies of heavy metals and nano technology they would no longer be able to remotely torture us and their directed energy weapons would then become useless.

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