What I have been through.

9143158901?profile=originalThe hardest thing In life that I have been put through is not having my freedom and being treated like a slave every since my ex-boyfriend Chuck drugged me in 2009 and implanted the gps microchip in my body when I was passed out wether ther...e is one or more gps microchips in my body without my consent every since then, my thoughts have been being read by others on their computors and cell phones through a typed in 16 digit microchip code that matches up with the gps microchip in my body. They have sent thoughts to my mind through the microchip or microchips inside my body making it to where I can't trust all the thoughts that go through my mind. They have used cybernetics on me the reason why I know this is a male and female voice is being forced out of me when I don't want to talk which has caused me chest pain and there has been times to where it has felt like someone is putting contacts on my eye balls and taking them off when I don't where contacts and never have so I don't know why I felt that. I have been tortured with pain for the last two years and it has been ongoing,my oxygen has almost completely been cut off with no lung problems with prior breathing tests that have been done. The only thing the breathing doctor said I have is mild sleep apnea,which I know would not have caused my breathing to be almost completely cut of on and off through the past two years. I also have had orgasms for days no boyfriend or husband to bring on those orgasms in my body and have seen and felt sperm come out of my vagina in my shower when I was taking a shower.They have caused skips in my heartbeat by making my heartbeat well over a hundred beats per minute with no prior heart problems according to the doctor my past angiograms of my heart it is normal and I don't need another angiogram done on my heart because I have a good strong heartbeat. I have felt pain as if someone was taking a knife and scraping the skin off my leg with no blood on my leg in my bedroom. I have felt the pain of my body being crucified while I was laying on my bed with no blood on the outside of my body right after my brother passed away in 2012. I felt the pain of heart surgery being done in my bedroom with no blood on the outside of my body. I believe these people have used cybernetics on my body and it was done through the gps microchip or microchips that was implanted in my body without my consent. I hear very loud soundwave voices go through my ears it makes me feel like I am going to pass out and I have also recorded them going through my ears with a microphone just to make sure that it was not just in my head. I have been wearing sonic ear plugs for two years and it is ongoing just to protect my ears from the very loud voices that are being sent through them. I also feel a great amount of electricity going through the leftside of my head and sometimes I feel it hitting my chest and other parts of my body. I will not give up even if my family members, my doctors, the mri,ex-ray depts.hospitals, The City Mayor Bob Cashell who didn't respond back to the letter I sent him for help,The TPO office in Reno,NV denied me a TPO order when I told them that these people threatened to shoot me with a gun what happens to the protection when you are in need of it. Also my debit card information has been stolen my and my card was charged 99.99 for something that I didn't purchase. My netgear wireless internet password that I made up myself and didn't give to anyone was stolen from me and I believe that my nextstore neighbors stoled my password hambone 12 and was connecting to my wireless netgear router for my internet for two years without me noticing it until I checked my netgear logins and noticed that someone was using my wirless internet connection outside my apt while everyone inside my apt was sleeping at night so I made out an online Reno Police Report and turned in my wireless netgear logins to prove that was not a ip address to a computer or cell phone in my apt and the Reno Police dept still hasn't done anything with that evidence provided along with the police report I filled out online. Congressman Mark Amodei has already told me he would represent me and my family and then takes back his word that he gave me when he had a Senator call me and tell me I'm sorry Mark Amodei can no longer represent you,The President don't respond back to my letters for help. Reno and sparks police have denied my cases more then once even with the evidence I provided to them. My sons wife a radiologist tech visits my apt while off duty I showed her my mri photos from Renown Medical and my roomated David is a Witness to what Krista told me when she told me that it looks like a foreign object in my skull on the Renown Mri photo. But then later back stabs me and tells my brother I didn't really tell her that I was just giving her a peace of mind I only seen a few of the Mri slides. I asked Krista about what she told my brother behind my back and she said no I didn't say that its just hard to determine that there is a really a foreign object in your skull when I have only see a few of your mri slides of your brain photos from Renwon there might be a foreign object in your skull I just don't know because I only seen a few of you mri photo slides and that not my specialty I am just a radiologist Tech. My brother Christopher Hamby died two years ago in 2012 and right after my brother died I was sent to a mental institute and misdiagnosed with bipolar schizophrenia because of the mild frontal atrophy of the brain that I have that Renown Medical Center failed to tell me about on my mri photos of my brain in 2012 the reason why I know this is because I have taken medical terminology classes and I have already got a second opinion from a MD online. I also know that they lied to me about my mri photos of my brain for 2012 at Renown Medical Center when they told me that there is no foreign object in my skull or brain because of the medical terminology classes that I have taken and because of the symptoms that I have and because it is clear to see on my Renown mri photo for 2012 seen down below. I am glad that I am a strong person because most people would have given up and commited suicide because this is very depressing. I will be strong through all of this even though I feel weak along with the very earliest eviromental pre-leukemia that I have and feel that was given to me by other people using electronic weapons guns on me. See More
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