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  • Talking of spammers - anyone else notice that Jennifer Williams has sent the same message to everyone on this site asking them to contact her by email?
  • Thanks for this site, it really helps me. Is it possible that spyware or trojans on members' computers could be generating some of the spam or even posting messages in duplicate/triplicate? Or is it possible to be coming from a spam server?

    Snowden showed that the NSA had installed sleeper spyware on at least 20,000 computers. I had at least 1 trojan root kit in 2009 (even though I always updated my anti-virus software), so I backed the data/email up, then restored the operating system to get rid of it. Some of my friends on Facebook also had trojans so they did the same thing. Because of all the targeting involved in this TI situation, I am now also using a VPN to try to protect my computer and my phone, hopefully it works.
  • Annie, please do not missunderstand me, i am very grateful that this site exists and i am aware that we are using a great tool for free that Soleilmavis is paying for. I was however hoping that the few admins of this site had some sort of access to network and security configuration which could have solved the problem. Chanath explained what access you guys have, or do not and of course, this is ok. Blocking new members under the suspicion that they may be fake and denying a true victim membership, even just one, would be indeed a true tragedy. The thought of it breaks my heart even.

    So, thanks to you anway. ;)

  • The ability to automatically delete other- from two exactly similar messages would be a good addition for this network software.  Another addition would be ability  to block messages from some i.p adresses. This means that changing name, is not enough for suspended person, but he has to change the place, or operator where he sends his messages.

  • Cedric, this in no new phenomena and we do our best, both Chanath and I, on a daily basis spend time in here suspending those we see are obvious spammers. However its impossible to know or see when a new member joins if he/she is a real person, spammer, or both, or just ads, since its still done manually. (Wouldnt it be sad if a true victim were declined membership..) Soleilmavis, who owns and pays for this site and its existence and is the one who perhaps could make a change in the settings at NING, is unfortunately very often banned out due to restrictions in China. So I guess for now we have to be grateful the site still exist../Annie

  • Thank you Chanath and you're welcome Sue - to the others: make sure you NEVER click on these links if you want your pc to remain uninfected.

    Chanath, can you set a filter of some sorts that does not allow posting the same thing over and over?

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