My brain and spine have been wirelessly and non-consensually linked to a computer network which is controlled by evil and cruel neuro operatives.   This wireless link is two way in the sense that  all of my brain and body functions are uploaded onto their computer screens and analysed by automatic data analysis so that they can know everything  that I think, do and say each and every day, and they can also upload their voices into my brain as well as other sounds, moving images, sensations, tastes, odours, pain signals, forced muscle movements as well as uploading false information into my body organs in order to make them malfunction or go into paralysis.

I keep a blog of what the unknown neuro operatives say to me on my website and social media sites and elsewhere.  Both in the past and today they have repeatedly asked me if I know a lady called Majella Mulqueen.   I have no memory of her.  However, when I went to the convent secondary school in Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Ireland where I live there may have been a school girl in attendance by that name because there were approximately five hundred girls attending that school at any one time?  I left that school in 1977 and I have forgotten many of the students since then.  I don't understand why the neuro operatives continue to ask me if I know her?   Why is that?

My website is called www.targetedindividualsireland.net.

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