WHO IS THE WORLD WIDE HEIRARCHICAL BASED CHAIN OF COMMAND GOVERNED BY ?I along with millions of other individuals throughout the world have become wirelessly linked by a two way connection to a computer network from implants which are deeply imbedded in our bodies and brains. This has happened against our wills and without our knowledge at a time when we were unaware it was happening. This process is called Remote Neural Monitoring. If ever 5g or fifth generation wireless technology becomes operational the technological capability would then exist to wirelessly link everybody in the world other than the would-be enslavers of the human race to a computer network for the rest of their lives with no possibility of ever breaking free of it. This is modern day slavery.I along with most of the other individuals who are being remote neural monitored hear voice commands on a constant basis. These voices issue commands and repremands to us constantly. These voices are the voices of real human beings who speak to us by wireless means. These voices are the voices of the remote neural monitoring staff who refuse to tell us their names or locations.These voices have informed me of the need to conform to the actions and to the attitudes of the rest of the human race. They have informed me that they will not tolerate non-conformity in any area. After many years of linking many sub-groups of my muscles to their computer system by two way streams of electromagnetic energy they now can harm me to an extreme degree if I refuse to conform.If conformity of the whole human race to their required attitudes is played out along its current path we will eventually reach a stage where the whole human race will have only one personality between them. Our unique personalities will have become homogenised into one boring personality. Whenever someone is asked their opinions on the world they would possibly reply as follows " I love my professors, I love my government officials, I love the pope, I love football, I love listening to the beatles and U2. " As well as being enslaved we would all die of boredom.Further to this situation, Ireland has become a multi-cultural society over the past thirty years approximately. There are many advantages to this situation, including having friends with many different back-grounds. There is one major disadvantage which has come to the fore. We live in a world containing approximately forty million Satanists and dark Luciferians. These dark occultists are planning to wirelessly enslave the human race by invading all countries throughout the world and by inserting themselves into all power institutions within all countries. This has already been achieved. These dark occultists do not advertise their presence. They operate strictly through secret societies. There are approximately two hundred countries in the world. There could be as many as ten thousand Satanists living in Ireland. They all have the same agenda which is to take over our lives and to enslave all of us completely by wireless means and by a large variety of other means. They may already have infiltrated the Irish Gardaí. Naivety is not an attractive quality in an adult human being. You have a duty to become a politician activist in order to protect the freedom of Ireland.We can easily stop the process of wirelessly enslaving the whole human race simply by having all wirelessly enabling capabilities combined with microwave generating capabilities disassembled and banned throughout the land. However, said Satanists and government officials who they have successfully compromised would immediately do all in their power to stop us. We must urgently disassemble this technology now. We must protect the freedom, autonomy and happiness of both the current and future children of Ireland.

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