People who live by moral laws benefit, regardless of whether they are religious or not. It is preferable to live my moral laws without belonging to an organised religion because moral laws on their own are fully sufficient. There is a moral reality and this moral reality is independent of subjective human thinking. A large majority of organised religions demand that their followers abandon logical thinking and instead adopt faith based thinking which means they believe what they believe because of constant repetition since early childhood and for no other reason.
Because moral laws on their own are fully sufficient why do organised religions exist and what is their purpose?
" Religion is a system of socialogical control based in unchallenged erroneous and dogmatic beliefs which are specifically designed to hold back the progress of human consciousness."

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Even though the Vatican has its own private army of deep underground intelligence agents the pope who has a network of followers throughout the world has failed to warn his followers that they are in grave danger of being enslaved by inhaling and ingesting nano technology which is then manipulated and controlled from inside their bodies thereby eventually controlling and enslaving them. 

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