I AM AN UNWILLING BRAIN WEAPON RESEARCH SUBJECT AND THOSE WHO MONITOR AND MANIPULATE MY BRAIN AND BODY BROADCAST MESSAGES INTO A LOCATION INSIDE MY BRAIN CONSTANTLY BY MEANS OF VOICE TO SKULL OR MICROWAVE HEARING OR ELECTRONIC TELEPATHY OR BY BRAIN TO BRAIN INTERFACE. Here is a small selection of what they have been broadcasting inside my head recently, including the date and time of each broadcast. The time zone in which each of these messages have been broadcast to me is Grenwich Mean Time which is also known as Irish time or London time.

"We have nothing on this one. We need to hit her with something" 8.27 am 31st Oct, 22.
"Bring her in because I can't interface with her unless I see her." (They imply that the police will come to my home and force me to attend for psychiatric evaluation.)
"Your information is going nowhere except where we send it, you stupid dirty shit." 7.35 pm 30th October, 22.
"We have to get her out of there" 11.15 pm 30th Oct, 22.
"I want to humiliate her."
"Kill yourself tomorrow because if you don't do it now you wont be able to do it later when we control your whole body" (heard between 11pm and 1 am on 30th October 22.
"Enter her home forcefully" 1.05 am on 31st October 22.
"Has she splayed herself yet." 1.30 am 31st October 22
"Inordinate amount of time online" Heard between 1.30 and 2.30 am 31st October 22
"Gretta is a disappointment" followed by "Dumb Bitch wrote it down." 1.40 am 31st October, 22
"It loves you" 6am 31st Oct 22.
"Denying her a full nights sleep will have to be permitted for now because we have to get our work done" 7.35 am 31st Oct 22
"You know she is not mentally ill so why do you want her to gl into a psychiatric hospital" "We need to control her" approximately 7.40 am 31st Oct, 22.
"Rescue this case" approx 8 am 31st Oct 22.
"Can we control her use of electricity. Yes, if you wish."
"Giving in to these people who we monitor and subjugate is not the way forward."
"Why isn't she in hospital, on the presumption that she is mentally ill."
"Don't quote me on this but we are not ready for this at all."
"You are eating cat shit." 11.48am 28th Oct,22 (They often try to put me off my food by implying that there is something bad in whatever food I am eating.)
"She never goes to Dublin ever, which means that ye dont need to be here then" "In that case we will lose money." 1,30 pm on 28th Oct 22 ( I believe that that information was about some gang stalkers of Dublin not being paid to watch out for me coming to Dublin because I never go there.)
"There is long standing work going on here we can't destroy" 11.52pm 27th Oct 22

If I shop online, those who remote neural monitor me then know exactly what I purchase and they can make me feel guilty about each purchase and they can wirelessly cancel my purchases occasionally. However, if I use cash and purchase what in need in my local town with cash, some of the remote neural monitoring team do not appear to know about those type of purchases and they then do not guilt me about any of my purchases, so it is safer to purchase my requirements with cash in my local town. I am on a low budget so most if not all of my purchases are for essentials such as repairs and renewals and food and clothing.
"She is gifting herself" 5 past 12 noon 30th October 22.
My name is Gretta Fahey and my postal address is Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland. The reason I am including my name and address is because is because an ongoing wirelessly enabled crime involving neuro weapons is being committed against me and both the police and psychiatrists remain uninformed about the capabilities of wirelessly enabled remotely generated electronic harassment and torture. I believe that they remain uninformed because they and many others are under mental electronic subjugation.


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