Wireless no-touch torture of good living private individuals in the privacy of their own homes has become common place through out all NATO countries and further afield. Wireless no-touch torture is easily achieved by first spraying the whole population with nano particulates from the skies in a process which is most commonly known as chemtrail spraying. All people inhale and ingest these nano-particles and these nano-particles become embedded in their brains and bodies. Neuro weapons operatives can then select certain good-living individuals who are privately going about their lives and harass and torture them every waking moment for the rest of their lives.

If you have become selected for no-touch torture, first of all you will begin to hear the wirelessly transmitted voices of the directed energy weapons operatives coming from inside your head. They have the capability of reading your thoughts in real time due to the fact that you have now been connected to a brain to brain interface modality. The operatives first of all map your brain and decode your motor cortex.

There is a large spectrum of torture that the directed energy weapons operatives can select from to use against you. These operatives can entrain your brain into a state of constant fear. They can send you electric shocks. They can send you all types of feelings and sensations throughout the surface of your body. You will be made to feel strong surges of foreign energy surging up and down the inside of your body at all times. On numerous occasions bio-energy therapists have detected this foreign energy when they were attempting to healing their clients.

The mind of the targeted individual can become overloaded with stimulus because of constant verbal abuse being fed into their minds every waking moment for years at a time. Targets of no-touch torture sometimes hear endless tinnitus. Sleep deprevation and coercing targeted individuals to commit suicide are among some more of the torture tactics that are being used against them.

Some of the reasons targeted individuals are selected are for the purposes of silencing dissidents and whistleblowers and to test and improve the directed energy technology. Targeted individuals from all countries throughout the western world are being selected in order to understand the culture and linguistics in that part of the world, as well as to test the strength of the signal in that part of the world.

Neuro weapons experts can wirelessly decode the motor cortex of a selection of targeted individuals remotely and from a distance. They will then follow on by partially re-encoding subsets of said motor cortex with their own private codes so that they can take over and fuse with a targeted individual in order to make that targeted individual speak and act totally against their will. Many targeted individuals have complained of being forced to say words and whole sentences that did not originate from their own brains. Many targeted individuals have complained of being forced to change the expressions in their own face and emit sounds and swears totally against their own free will. This clearly explains how the demonic possession hoax is being achieved.

If a targeted individual experiences intense pain if they endure a minor accident while going about their private lives, the neuro weapons operatives can then take an energy imprint of the bio-field of the targeted individual while they are experiencing that pain at that time. At a much later date the neuro weapons operatives can then re-introduce the energy imprint of the pain impression on to the bio-field of the targeted individual so that the targeted individual might continue to feel the original pain they had felt at the time they initially felt that pain.

For the past one thousand years or more the same thirteen bloodline families produced most of the popes, most of the United States presidents, and all of the royal families of Europe. They own and control the Vatican along with the Crown Corporation as well as the British Commonwealth and Washington DC and the Pentagon. They own major corporations and banks. They now control the Chinese and Japanese people through their birth certificates. They control wars from both sides. They collectively own 99% of the main stream media. They have re-written history. They have falsefield archaeology, anthropology and all ancient knowledge. They have created numerous hoaxes in order to confuse and destabalise the whole human race. These hoaxes include the extra-terresterial hoax, the religious apparation hoax, the existence of satellites hoax, the landing on the moon hoax and the space based weapons hoax among many other hoaxes.

The thirteen bloodline families have infiltrated psychiatry and they have adjusted all psychiatric law in order to create a cover for their illegal experimentation. They also use the false concept of demonic possession in order to provide more cover for their non-consensual wireless experimentation of human beings. They have bound the police, psychiatry, social workers and healthcare workers to unfair and unjust laws. They use both mind control and brain entrainment control on government staff so that said government staff will not report the dangers that society are currently being exposed to.


Please immediately enact laws to stop all chemtrail airplane spraying throughout the world because the chemtrails contain nano-bots which after we inhale them they then cling to the cells of our brains and bodies. These nano-bots are then being programmed remotely by criminal neuro weapons experts in order that certain human beings can be remotely controlled to speak and act against their wills on occasion. This process is happening in Ireland as well as elsewhere.

Please immediately enact laws to have all mobile phone towers and other mobile phone paraphrenalia dismantled. Mobile phone towers are the super structure that generates microwave radiation which enables digital signals to be carried to the nano-bots which are currently inside the brains and bodies of most of humanity. The final attempt to enslave humanity will occur if these mobile phone towers are not dismantled now.

Please enact laws so that the soles of all shoes for sale to the public be made from electrically conductive material rather than electrically insulating material which is currently the case, so that humanity can protect themselves to a certain extent from wireless enslavement by electronic weapons.

Please enact laws banning the registering of babies at birth, because it is through the legalities contained within birth registering that we become legally enslaved to the crown corporation which is a legal entity owned and controlled by the Vatican, who is known to be the controlling force behind slow global lock down enslavement.



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