Hi everyone, could you please all fill this survey?

This is the second time i repost this (Sue kindly advised me to post it here so it doesnt get lost)

I live in Switzerland and i need as many testimonies as possible and as fast possible - Various press organs in Switzerland will read everything you write and this could have an impact. Especially with the Magnus Olsson incident which they have just been informed about.

1. How long have you been targeted and how did it start?

2.What are your symptoms?

3.If you experience v2k what do you hear and how often?

4.If you experience v2k what stories have you been led to believe about yourself and the identity of the voices?

5.If you receive artificial dreams while sleeping - What are the dreams about and what impact have they had?

6.Do your fear for your life or the ones of your family/beloved? Why?

7.If you could say something directly to the press, what would you tell them?

8.Is there anything else you wish to express about Magnus Olsson/Sean Stinn or yourself?

Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation.

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  • hardly surprsing Cedric, they have backdoors into everything....but have you got a copy? i didn't think....

  • Thank you John.

    If i may just give a piece of advice to anyone else who wishes to join in, please try to reply in "bullet form"




     So that the answers to the questions remain as clear as possible.

  • 11 years , almost 12. Symptoms are constant verbal harassment and threats. shocks to nervous system and heart, electric buzz/static directed to inner ear. average is every 3 minutes every day and night. commonly what I hear is mans voice( David) and female's voice (Jenna). Threats and lies. I already know the identities of my harassers. They followed me here from Washington state where they abused me there as well. Sleep deprivation is their main torture, shocks to my nervous system, dream manipulation, lately subliminal thought manipulation. Have also showed me green screen video and pictures while I am awake and asleep. Once took a picture of my brain ( so they said) which paralyzed me for a few seconds. After keeping me awake for several days they would convince me I was being set up for child molestation, and would urge me to kill myself. They use the police to insight fear, they use others to help play their games. They use people who have been in trouble with the law telling them if they do what they say they will get a lighter sentence and so forth. Artificial dreams consist of pornographic nature, violence, putting me in the drivers seat of a car about to wreck. I no longer fear for my well being, they get off on the torture, I carry on, my faith is strong. They have shown me dreams of my family being harmed, they imply pain towards my family for instance telling/showing me they would give my Grandmother a heart attack. Have tried to convince me that I am being set up for drug charges, child molestation, murder charges, wanting me to run so they could torture me further, its a game to them. Not sure what I would say to the press, as far as I am  concerned they already know and will only do as they are told. You must understand, my torturers have been very careless. I know where they are from, the school Jenna graduated from, their physical discriptions, how old they are, their past can be traced.

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