I have heard from many and varied sources that Satanists run this world now, so because of that I have been researching Satanism in order to know my enemy. Here is some of what I have found as follows:-
Satanists practice torture and public executions in front of other Satanists and Luciferians in order to terrorise their fellow Satanists into absolute obedience to whatever Satanist is at the top of their hierarchy.
Many aristocrats are Satanists or Luciferians and they see themselves at the top of the food chain so in order to prove to their fellows that they are at the top of the food chain they kill and eat people and drink their blood.
When Satanists are selecting people to kill and eat they will mostly select undocumented Americans and they will first lead them to believe that they are charity workers. They will bring them food which has been laced with drugs. When the undocumented Americans wake up from their drug induced coma they find themselves locked in a prison. The undocumented Americans are left there for several days until the drugs have left their bodies. Then they are tortured first in order that their adrenal glands will release adrenachrome into their blood. When they have been sufficiently tortured they will be murdered and their blood will be drank and their flesh will be eaten by the Satanists. Many Satanists are addicted to adrenachrome and they sell it to each other. Satanists also kill children who they select from orphanages and youth prisons, especially those children and youths who never receive visits from their families, because they wont be missed when they disappear. I am worried by the fact that no records were made available of the children of unmarried mothers in the past. Was this action taken to facilitate the ritual human sacrifice of some of those babies. Please answer this now.
At this point in time, Satanists and others own most if not all of the major mass media outlets for television, internet and print media so if we wish to warn the public about the widespread acitivities of Satanists we have to do so by means of dropping letters through private letter boxes or by means of speaking on local radio. You must do your share of activism because we are all in trouble from Satanism at the point in time. Activists aught to organise themselves in small cells rather than large groups because large groups can easily be identified and stopped.
Satanists conceal their intentions from the people of the world. They take actions slowly and continually weaken the people of the world. They are cutting off access to our supplies. They are confusing us with misleading information. They are demoralising us by legally forcing us to believe that it is possible to switch genders and by forcing us to call boys girls, etc. They deliberately create conflict among the people of the world. They destroy the militaries by forcing them to attend for psychiatric evaluation and then forcing them to take unnecessary anti-psychotic medication which is deliberately blended with poisons which generate extremely distressing side effects in key members of the military and their troops. There is a strong corolation between psychiatric medication and military suicides. Satanists are using electronic mind control programming on the people of the world which renders many men and women passive and trusting in the directives of the enemy Satanists. Satanists conduct an economic war on us so that we are eventually empoverished. They transmit voice commands into locations inside our heads and when we report the matter to the police, they have trained the police to automatically send us for psychiatric evaluation without ever documenting our complaints in order to them make them official.
Satanists and Luciferians control the Vatican, Washington DC and the London Financial District. Please don't place your trust in the Vatican or any Pope because you do not know their true agenda. We aught to educate the children of the world by means of using a non-religious moral philosophy as a foundation for their moral behaviour because religions offer no real proof of their beliefs and they are being used to Satanists and others to cause division through out the world.
We aught to know our enemy and because of that I have been researching Satanism. Much of what I have found out is horrifying but I would recommend some of the books of Kerth Barker. I don't know him and I don't agree with all of what he believes. His website is

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