EMOTIONAL STATES AND BEHAVIOUR OF A HUMAN SUBJECT CAN BE REMOTELY INFLUENCED MERELY BY PLACING THAT HUMAN SUBJECT IN AN ARTIFICIAL ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD. Externally controlled robots dressed up in elaborate costumes are being passed off as extra-terresterials. Dr William Ross Adey M.D. 1922 -2004, Professor of Anatomy and Physiology, Los Angeles, wrote in the 1950's that emotional states and behaviour can be remotely influenced merely by placing a subject in an electromagnetic field. That information can be found in page 253 of the well known book 'Project: Soul Catcher' which was written by Dr Robert Duncan and the Mind Hacking Strategy Group. Knowing this, all government officials, either elected officials or paid staff have a moral duty to avoid working in artificial electromagnetic fields so that their emotional states and behaviour can not be externally controlled and furthermore, members of the public can not and will not trust the judgement of government officials who continue to work or live within the confines of artifically generated electromagnetic fields. If you are such a government official who continues to work within the confines of artificial electromagnetic fields do not expect to remain in government employee or to ever be reelected to a government office again because of your inability to judge a serious situation correctly and to take relevant action. By your inaction and the inaction of your colleagues you are helping to drag all of your fellow country men and country women into digital enslavement. Act now by doing what ever is necessary to avoid artificial electromagnetic fields so that your emotional states and behaviour can no longer by remotely influenced and please stop believing in every hoax involving externally wirelessly controlled robots dressed in elaborate costumes and then being falsely presented as beings from another planet and try to stay in reality.

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