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Sent previously to
Department Of Defense Combatting Trafficking In Persons (CTIP), NSA, and CIA Headquarters

Reporting of Torture, Electromagnetic Warfare, PLEASE PASS THIS TO SUPERIOR AUTHORITY

My name is Catalin Edward Newport, my adress is xxxx E. xxxx St in Lima, OH 4580x, cell# 567-710-xxxx. 

Since October of 2018 I've been facing 24/7 assault on my person from an unknown origin. The assaults are coming via what I can only deduce as Electromagnetic or attacks via microwaves and alterings of the electromagnetic spectrum from some sort of Directed Energy Weapon. I am asking you take this serious as this is a genuine and sincere report of abuse, as I don't know the origins of this 'war crime'. I am willing to answer any and all questions you may have.

I've been subjected to non-stop voice to skull communication for 1 year and 10 months at this point. Subjected to pain, muscle rigidity, tremors, manipulation of limbs and finite movements as well. Forced through extreme manipulations of perception: apart from percieved auditory effects I have experienced forced visuals which create a picture in the brain or with the eyes closed forcing vauge imagery. The visual renderings go beyond this as well. I've had my dreams manipulated, and forced at an instant into an alerted state or depressed tired state, also able to be put in a stupor. The entraining effects on my brain can force instant duress and suffering the likes I've never experienced prior to the timeframe reported. I have had my earliest childhood memories forced recalled with great accuracy, also what one could equate to false memories and notion able to accompany. Forced cognition inlaying thought forcing dialogue which may or may not seem of my own volition. As well itching, smells and tastes. Headaches which aspirin does nothing for and may be shifted throughout the head from one spot to another. Forced through periods of heart arrhythmias and palpitations. Made to experience extreme feelings of sickness the likes words don't quite aid in properly conveying. It has been made clear to me from experience, everything I've mentioned can be done clandestinely or made aware to the individual targeted by such a system. The individual is at the mercy of these effects until relinquished. I have nothing to hide and will submit to any testing or inquiry as well. 

Sincerely, Catalin Newport

This is a link to my YouTube account of what I can only describe as an environmental effect (via alterings of the electromagnetic spectrum) from the same sourcing as my attack and subsequent torture. I posess the original in 4k definition. Watch on YouTube's main non-mobile site to view in 2160p. It may also aid to slow the video to .50x speed to get a better view of the effect, which takes place on the right side of the screen. I have witnessed a similar effect to my estimate would range close to nine inches in diameter propulsed through the same room.

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