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Justifying the Imprisonment of MK Ultra Victims

      The recent Aaron Alexis incident is being used to justify the commitment and imprisonment of anyone who has been caught talking about the microwave surveillance that MK Ultra victims have been subjected to for life. It is being proclaimed that people who complain like this are very dangerous.

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What they show in this video is just the tip of the iceburg. That which lies beneath the surface has been suppressed by secret societies since time immemorial. You may effectually start by making the secret "VAGAL STIMULATION IS AS EFFECTIVE AS LSD"  common public knowledge.

What they show is just the tip of the iceburg. Below the surface has  been suppressed by secret societies since time immemorial.
http://www.forbiddenknowledgetv.com/videos/mind-control/mission-mind-control-197\ \ 9---full-film.html#.T2IrC8Kct-k.email   If this doesn't work again put "Mission Mind Control" in the refusal's slot, click, and then specify "Mind Control", and you should get it. This message was sent by miguellahunken@... via http://groups.yahoo.com/group/alchemy61/ for total exposure. Also, Google "lahunken" and go to Lahunken's posts in Alchemy61.

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   American Military Dictatorship to restore secret: vagal stimulation as effective as LSD. See http://a4cgr.wordpress.com/2011/12/17/08-604/Here is how I got caught for the Clockwork Orange treatment. They will do it to everybody caught knowing too much, now that that bill has passed allowing the armed forces to grab us all. You too. You now know too much, too. We all hope the President vetos this bill. Here are the details about the time I got caught: When we were in the first grade, twins, Tommy and Frankie, and I went out on the town one Saturday. We went in to the library and tried to find the biggest books to slam shut. then went around town testing every door. We found a certain back door and went in. Once inside we found another door, and to our surprise there were a bunch of guys around one guy who was all tied up, to say the disgusting least.Yuckkk! Frankie yelled out, "It's a rodeo". The guys came after us but we escaped and ran through back yards and thickets until we lost them. Then next week two of them came into our classroom with the Principal and they pointed us out and said, "That's them! Those boys must be punished!" The Principal took us into her office and said, "This doesn't concern us. You may go back to class". One afternoon during Summer vacation from the fifth grade, we were in the playground playing World War II. I got stuck being a German, and as

we played war I yelled out repeatedly the primary German sylable that I rememberd, "ein", pronounced "eyennn". The Freemason from across the street from the playground ran in, grabbed and shook me saying, "Don't say that word! Don't say that word!". Well, it turned out that "eyennn" is the Lost Word of the Royal Arch. Thinking of it also spikes dopamine. Let's be the majority. Some years       later in the ninth grade. My buddie, Sandie, and I had eaten lunch in Chinatown, and we were on our way to the subway station when a homeless person, very rare in those days, said that he had been at a coctail party and had spilt some of his Masonic secrets. He was kicked out of the lodge, he was fired from his job, and no one would hire him. His wife left him with the kids, and he lost his home. He was as sober as a judge, and he told us all the Masonic secrets. In the twelvth grade I wrote a required term paper. Mine was "Superstition in America" and in it I revealed the Masonic secrets. I got a 98% for it, graduated High School, and went into the Army. When I got sick and landed in Valley Forge Army Hospital the Freemasons zeroed in on me and gave me Hell, literally. They threatened me never to reveal certain things again. It has been my life's vocation revealing these things. That's where I got the LSD and the 71 electric shock treatments without anesthetic. Why 71? One day they gave me two in one day. Anyway, that LSD treatment came to be called the "Clockwork Orange" treatment. With it they force you to watch films of horrible torments, for example, inside Auschwitz, and you body switch, backward and forward in time into everyone in the film. I went further. I bodyswitched into everyone I ever saw, in the future, and have relived it every other time I grew old and died, 36 times. The other 36 times I got up after having passed out from an allergic bee sting. Thank God for that bee. I am due to go there next time. I have an agenda! Guess what I am going to do rather than get captured again.
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