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Hi everyone,

My situation is not different; I also did a H-Scada report from environmental detective agency. The report shows I have 5 distinct radio frequencies coming to my body, The lowers range is 2500MHZ and highest is 2600MHZ. These are allocated to Asian space telecom  satillites and Ajerbizan french speaking mobile phone services.

So my abusers are international in natures ; asians (pakistani, Indians, S.Korea ,Japan, and Tailand )

The same frequencies are used by Radar users . Initially FCC put a rule rule G120 that these  frequencies

should  not be allocated to Radars!. Later they changed the rules saying radars can use them but the antenna should be carefully place so that they do not interfere with the telecom dishes . So funny. How to explain my reading in the h-scada I don't know. I need a agent or a private detective. I don't thing FBI or CIA are going to give us answers to solve the issue .I have got glands in my neck to show the impact of the abuse. Does any one know a lawyer who can help with my case. I also have 1500 names to put under investigation.

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