Gretta Fahey posted a status
Jul 21, 2021
All pleasure is addiction and it serves to stop one from ever attaining true happiness.
Happiness is to easily be found when one has conquered all ones addictive pleasures.
Wise men throughout history have always been single and celibate because they know that completeness comes from within and never from somebody else. Those who are not sexually active soon lose all interest in sexual intimacy and by that means they then have conquered a possible addiction to romantic love and intimacy forever. Further to that, marriage and intimacy produce children who go on to experience their own share of problems, sadness and despair. Their loving parents suffer emotionally every time their children encounter problems in life to the extent that having children does not lead to happiness. It leads to pleasure and pain.
Personal validation comes from within and never from the public. If you have a high profile in life and you are acclaimed by the public, but if you have committed a secret crime then no amount of public validation would ever make you like and approve of yourself. However, if you are hated by the public because you have been falsely accused of committing a crime then no amount of public hate would ever make you dislike or disapprove of yourself. Therefore validation can only and always come from within. Never seek public validation because it is a sign of immaturity and weakness.
Romantic love and strong passion for another whose behaviour is ultimately outside of your personal control always leads to loss of our piece of mind and it should never be promoted as a means of achieving happiness. However, romantic love and passion is being heavily promoted by social engineers who organise our lives from behind the scenes on behalf of governments , simply because those who are legally married are much easier to control and are much easier made to conform to government approved standards of behaviour that single, celibate, free thinking and free will , emotionally autonomous men and women.
Addiction to alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, refined sugar, romantic love, sexual intimacy, emotional needyness, chronic illnesses and material possessions are all weaknesses which we spend our lives attempting to conquer so that we then become free of enough emotional turmoil so that we are finally able to control our own behaviour.
When I was young growing up in Ireland if I wished to get married I was obliged to look for a husband by going to a dance each weekend. That dance was organised to start at midnight and continue until two am at a time when people were tired and would have preferred to be in bed sleeping. We were required to hold conversations with those we danced with by shouting above the loud music and we were hindered from clearly seeing who we were dancing with because of darkness and flashing lights which were in use thoughout the night. The ladies were manipulated to wear handicapping footwear which added a further obstacle to our ability to enjoy the experience. Evil social engineers who in my opinion are dark occultists who work for the new world order U.N. Agenda 21 enslavement system deliberately make our lives as stressful and difficult as possible because they hope that we will then fall into some type of addiction so that they might weaken us to the point that they might eventually enslave us.
Pleasure is the opposite to happiness. We are all on a journey towards happiness by avoiding addictive pleasure as much as possible.

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