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Jul 20, 2021
You must register the name on your birth certificate with your government and by that means you will then possess and control that name. No government will have any rights to control your activities from that day forwards.
You are not your legal name and you must always remember that.
The name on my birth certificate is my business entity. I am operating my business entity but if I have not registered it it is being controlled by other business entities. When a lady from Minnasota registered the name on her birth certificate to the state of Minnasota , the state of Minnasota still own it but the lady who registered it now controls it. She is now the holder and the C.E.O. of that name. She is the agent acting on behalf of that legal name which is her business entity.
The name on my birth certificate is the name of my business entity and it was created at my birth but it is not my name . I am of the Irish nation so the right thing for me to do is to register that name to the Irish state. I will then become the name holder. That is my game piece for legally operating in the realm of commerce because I myself do not and can not operate in the realm of commerce because I myself am a living woman. The constitution of Ireland only applies to business entities. One business entity can not tell another business entity what to do and what not to do. Men and women themselves can not be governed.
If we act as if we are our legal names then we are guilty of false impersonation.
Go to the Irish secretary of state and register that name on my birth certificate with myself as the name holder and this will then achieve two things as follows:-
1. It takes the name holdership away from the Irish government. I then possess it and I control it but the Irish government still retain ownership of it. Possession is nine tenths of the law and control is the other tenth.
2 All prior contracts with the Irish state are severed. I will no longer pay fees, penalties or taxes.
Here is everything we know about the Assumed Name Certificate. You must realize that your legal name is the name of a business, not your name. People make the mistake of involving themselves in a world where they do not belong. Here's how we became alive again and freed ourselves from the shackles of our own ignorance. There is nothing you need to do beyond registering your legal name as described in this episode, other than wrapping your head around this complete change in thinking that you will have to undertake. We learned this from Douglas Joseph, but if you choose to look at his material, please understand that we only endorse his teachings from 2016 and earlier. The Assumed Name Certificate is NOT carte blanche to "punish" government actors, shirk your debts, or commit misdeeds forbidden by the laws of God! It is simply your tool to operate your business in the world of commerce, and to keep your private life private.
I found the above information at the below online linked youtube video which is called 'Exposing the Big Lie, Governments are Business Entities, And Their Business is Deceit.'
Another good online source of similar information is

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