Xuthal posted a status
Aug 4, 2021
I'm pretty sure my implants are all out. I had my necklace on, the one that was treated by the perps. I took it off to see if I would really die. Turns out I lived. I experienced a pulse throughout my body and spasms, muscle spasms. Some pains like pins on my skin. This lasted seven minutes and then it stopped. I am almost certain that all the implants are out. I wish I could post a video but I have limited internet data. I will make a video and try to upload it for you to watch. I'm free! I'm considering my options right now, not sure what my next step should be. This was an ordeal. I'm a residential school survivor and with what's been happening in the news the torture was pretty bad. I made it through. I've been collecting these implants and because of the genetic modification I'm more muscular now. I don't think the perps want to take a chance with me haha. They could send mercenaries so that's concerning. Tonight there was someone revving they're engine outside my place. This was intimidation because my implants had come out at that point. It's late here so I guess I'll have to plan some celebrations. No booze though, causes brain damage. Good to be free. I'm still experiencing some residual spasms. This is because of the brainwashing, it's a type of hypnosis. I suspect it will take about three years to wear off, brainwashing takes that long to wear off in my case. It's good to be free, and alive!
Be Strong Be Love

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  • I am talking about U.S government perps that operate a continuing criminal enterprise while their F.B.I. friends assist them.
  • artillery and then burn the remains with a flame thrower.There is an old Chinese saying:"You have to kill the rooster to frighten the monkey".
  • I have tried to get my implants removed but the perps like Eugene Francis, David and Tim Moody who are relatives of Parker convenience Stores that has an office on St. Simons Island, Georgia.
    Dr. Stephane Alexander Miller of Rose Medical Hospital in Denver, Colorado. will let perps in the oerating and recovery room.
    I know who some perps receive Dept of Justice grant money like training the Chinese Public Security Bureau while keeping me under surveillance in Yingkou,Harbin and Kunshan China. The DPRK is the best place for American targeted individuals and I would like to ask Marshal Kim Jong Un to help us. We could put a clinic on an island that is a territotrial dispute with South Korea and Japan and defend it for the DPRK.
  • Do you remember how they put those implants on you? and how do you removed them?

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