kevin murphy posted a status
Jun 12
thank you everyone who is listening. i am writing this while i am still temporaraly lucid if it goes off the rails at the end forgive me i will try and keep this short as a means of an explanation, today i humiliated myself and i am feeling good about it now but later they may ask me to do something else stupid or embarrassing or put my life at risk by deliberateky doxing myself and putting my life at risk forever. or putting my reputation at risk such as it is forever. they have told me that they cannot ask any isreali soldier or civilian or doctor or hamas member to throw up their hands and surrender if you are not willing to risk your life also and it is not acceptable
to ask benjamin netanyaho to surrender or the leadership of hamas surrrender if i was not also willing to put my own reputation at risk. they reward me when i do well and use enrgy weapons to create tremendous anxiety and self doubt including doubt that anyone is even listening at all when i do not do what they say. they give me monemts of temporary fearlessness when i need to do something humiliating or dangerous. they tell me evrything to post and when to post and when to cut and paste. if you check my posts they will all correspond to major world events. although facebook has taken the posts down now for my safety and to spare me humilitaion, they have left it up for weeks, i drew enough world attention in on me at their command to ensure my safety and the safety of my family and the ensured that i would cut and past my posts so that the public couls read wikipedia and the bbc and make up their own my and alos to genrerate controversy and world attention. the made me psot on socialistworker facebook page to get attention. and i believe that people have copyed and pasted my name and messages to every corner of the world at my request. said to make all my messages go viral. there are 21k viewers on the socialist worker facebook page. i hope this is the end of it today and i am not asked to do anymore dangerous or humiliateng things. they are rewarding me with calmness and peace now. and they may allow me to lie down for half an hour yesterday when i did that thing in aldi they gave me peace and endorphins for about 4 hours after. usually they give me anxiety and self doubt. they are enabling me to have more enrgy and lucidity now i think but would still like to keep this short. i hope my video today went viral i hope benjamin netanyahoo and hamas and all the doctors and all the civilains and protesters just throw up their hands and surrender to eachother. and we can end this today and i will not have to humiliate mysef further i am goin gto sleep now now one can say the world is not wathcing. including china and russia and nigeria and the global south. i if just one person in the entire world throws up their hands and surrenders anywhere and just walks down the street and gets others to walk with them on mass you can make it go viral and others will follow. i will right more when i am more lucid. i have decided to send this of as is.

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