kevin murphy posted a status
Jun 12
everyone in the entire world knows my name now so no world leader who have been listening in all along can deny anyone of them can simply put their hands up and surrender this may mean for them going to prison for life and putting their reputations as either a war criminal or a terrorist at risk. but i hope my humiltiation maybe inspried them and show that i stand in solidarity with them all and they just surrender now. they have been making but moves towards peace at my request. and sometimes when i ask them to do something they do it. they do not want to keep on killiing and go down in the history books as evil men. and do not was to surrender either. hopefully my last little display today is the last they ever ask me to do but they have promised and lied before thank you for all the staff at aldi who have shown me pity or solidarity and thank you for all the people today who put thier hands up for peace in gaza and nothing else. im going to lie down for a while but my mental state changes hourly and from moment to moment but throughout all of this i have been talking my schizophrenia meds percfectly and all witnessed by my father.
accept for the last 2 days when i ran out of prozac and that was the only meds i did not take properly for only 2 days

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