Many people are beginning to experience problems with their Gmail accounts, including me.  They have deteriorated over the years, and now seem like the government's right hand with all the info collecting.

     I began reading about secure alternatives to Gmail that were also free.   and found 2 that I'd like to recommend.  They are both foreign to the US, so our gvt can't gain access.  The first is  It is in Switzerland and takes security and encryption very seriously, and I haven't had any problems signing in, or losing anything.  The second is which is Russian.  They do not offer the height of encryption and security that Protonmail does, but our gvt might also have problems gaining access to them.
     Here's an article on secure alternatives to Gmail:    ; I'm sold.


Safe & Secure ==>

     Many do not believe it is possible to have secure transmissions due to neural monitoring, etc.  For those who still search for communications privacy which can't be hacked, and is not subject to the government's jurisdiction, take a look at  The encryption is end to end.  The people behind this soaring project are idealistic young men with some pretty impressive credentials. 

     They desire to make the internet safe, and protect privacy (I can hear everyone laughing).  I applaud them for their efforts to build a better world.  It takes commitments from people like this and projects like this to take back our future.

BTW, if you haven't already, every person alive should DUMP their gmail account!

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    Google/Gmail, Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo, MSN, Hotmail, SKYPE. AOL, Facebook and YouTube  are under and controlled by NSA/CIA in collecting personal data, spying and hacking on people's emails, documents, electronic devices/equipment, and intrusion/invasion of one's person. Media uses these for its business, products, and ads to make money.  Google/Gmail has been known for selling personal data and information of its clients/customers to international research and marketing companies.  This is not a new issue of Google/Gmail.

    PRISM: a clandestine surveillance program under which the NSA collects user data from companies like Microsoft, Google, Gmail, Apple, Yahoo, MSN, Hotmail, SKYPE. AOL, Facebook and YouTube


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  • Yandex is a Russian company Geometry Dash that provides email services along with various other products. While it may not offer the same level of encryption as ProtonMail, it still provides reasonable security measures.

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  • ProtonMail is based in Switzerland among us and is known for its strong security and encryption measures.

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  • Google has continuously improved and updated its Gmail service over time to ensure security and quality. If you have problems with your Gmail account, I suggest you contact Google support directly for help. 

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