. I've been doing some research recently and some experimenting. The following is factual, not based upon speculation. To make the playing field a bit more equal, TIs should have some knowledge of the obscure resources used by perps when targeting individuals.
. Besides bullets, the one thing a mechanized army requires is the liquid POWER to make it go. Without fuel, the army can't follow or injure their targets. It doesn’t take too long bf the target realizes that all they have to do is get out of range and they are safe.
. Likewise, perps require some form of power for all their devices - including DEWS. DEWs are usually battery driven to make them mobile, but batteries weaken w/use and DC driven attacks are usually less intense and protracted compared to DEWs powered by AC current. Think about this, please!
. A perp will tap into ANY source of power to make their devices work. The most common avenue TIs face is when perps move in next door and use that house's electricity to power and amplify their devices and DEWs, then aim them at you. If you are remote without easy access to the power grid, perps will bring their own batteries, or tap into the wiring for your outside lights - outside outlets - alarms - well pump - etc. Don't overlook your internet access cable box being used as a perp power resource (box needs to be energize by being plugging into your outlet). During an attack, unplug ALL cables and wires plugged into your internet box for a while (ESPECIALLY the power), and see if you detect any change in the attack.
. If you manage to secure all potential power leaks, perps will go for DC power current available from your accessible vehicle batteries (car, ATV, anything you use on a regular basis that gets recharged).
. PLC (power line communication) is a way to invade any room of your home that has Romex running through the walls between outlet boxes. This is not science fiction - do some research. Go outside your home and follow the power lines that run from the pole to the side of your house. See anything along the line that no one else in your community seems to have on their power line?
. Just having access to the power panel and throwing the breaker does not sever access to you. As long as the breaker is plugged onto the bus, there is an unbroken copper line to every outlet, light and switch on your property. Audio travels over these copper wires. So, stop looking for little spy transmitters behind the mirrors that are run by batteries that need to be changed often - that’s 1950‘s era equipment, and can be easily detected and/or jammed w/white noise.

YOU ARE NOT HELPLESS! Calm down and use logic instead of your emotion to guide you. Read and Research and Experiment to see if you can change anything about your attacks. Take notes, take pictures, upload a YouTube video about your discoveries to help other TIs.

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