I have been accused of insubordination which I find amusing considering the fact that I am not subordinate to anyone on earth. Under natural law we are all equal to each other.
Under unsustainable artificial laws which have been instigated and supported largely by dark occultists such as Satanists and dark Luciferians, artificial heirarchies have been created and those dark occultists have placed themselves and their allies at the top of those artificial hierarchies in self-appointed positions which have not been endorsed by their fellow men and women. Furthermore, through insider trading and other criminal activity they are now claiming that they own most of the resources of the world when in fact we all own the resources of the world equally under natural law which is the only fixed and immutable law in existence. Man made laws are not fixed and they are not immutable so therefore they are unlawful.
I can not ever be unsubordinate or insubordinate to anyone. We are all equal on earth and we all own an equal share of the resources of this earth regardless of what a group of evil doers write into a leather bound book full of artificial and unsustainable laws. Anyone who looks down on anyone else is the type of individual who is also willing to look up to and grovel to another even though we are all equal and always will be. We should abandon the use of hierarchies such as church, state, monarchies and secret societies as our method of running this world and we aught to return to a system of rules without rulers which is the only moral way to run this earth.

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